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by WhypDancer


The Crown Jewels
Functional Elegance...
backed by our lifetime guarantee!

The canes on this page are perfect for a God, Goddess, or someone you really appreciate-- whether that is you or... ?  For gifts, or for those that deserve only the VERY finest, this is THE place to look.

ALL Canes4pain.com rattan canes hold a lifetime guarantee against breakage.  Payment is welcome from any (valid) credit card, and we offer rapid, efficient worldwide shipping. Our shopping cart is SSL encrypted for your security.

Sanibel Beach Canes

 Canes4pain's Sanibel Beach Canes have a 9mm aluminum core.  Each is 30" long. 

Sanibel beach canes by canes4pain.com covered with sharp sea shell seashell shards pieces
Sandy Sanibel Beach Cane & Smashingly Shelly Sanibel Beach Cane

The more mild cane is covered in sand.  The next is covered in small shell fragments. The third version is covered in more coarse, sharp shell fragments.  The latter two will break skin easily. You've been warned. They are all thuddy, but sharp. It is an interesting sensation.
Sanibel Beach Canes

All are covered with a clear protective coating that allows for very easy cleanup and holds it all together. There will not be shell fragments littering your playroom, and they are very easyto clean.
Sanibel beach cane handle seashells from canes4pain

Sanibel Island is known as one of the top five beaches in the world for gathering seashells. These should bring some warmth and sunshine from Florida, USA to you!

Sandy Sanibel Beach Cane
sandy sanibel beach cane canes4pain
Ahh just like a warm day in the sun, on the beach!!

Sandy Sanibel Beach Cane:  95.00  

Simply Smashing Shelly Sanibel  Beach Cane
Covered with crushed Sanibel Island seashells.
This will cut skin easily. Butt it is easy to clean!

It has a hemp rope handle, shown above, so you don't hurt your hands.
simply smashing sanibel beach cane canes4pain

Simply Smashing Beach Cane: 125.00

Smashingly Shelly Sanibel Beach Cane
Sanibel Beach Canes from Canes4pain
This more extreme version is covered with larger broken Sanibel Island seashell shards and will cut skin very easily. It is very easy to clean, and has a hemp rope handle, shown above, so you don't hurt your hands.

Smashingly Shelly Beach Cane: 135.00
Set of all three Sanibel Beach Canes: 315.00 

Green Meadows

This 30" long, 9mm thick rattan cane has a 9.5" handle.  The cane's owner will love the feel of the twisted sterling silver winding around the handle.  It is topped by a gleaming sterling silver dome that will catch the light beautifully wherever it is used.

The stone at the top of this cane is a beautiful green Malachite. It is a 5/8" x 7/8". 

The base of this handle has a sterling silver thumb rest with a zig-zag pattern.

Green Meadows: $190  



This 32" long, 9.5mm cane is ready to lay down some burning red stripes.  Its 9.5" handle is accented by gleaming, polished sterling silver, and lovely rainbow moonstones.

The large stone measures 1.25"x1/2" and has a beautiful blue color that moves as the cane's angle to the light changes.  The rattan cane is topped by a round 1/4" rainbow moonstone set in a C-shaped sterling silver setting.

There is a 3/16" sterling silver collar at the bose of the handle, and even more sterling silver winding around the handle to give you a nice, sure grip.
Elegance: $170 

Email WhypDancer@Canes4pain.com to be notified of new cane selections!

Gift Certificates are available!!

The Canes4pain® gift certificates have a lovely silvery metallic design, and are available on the Specials page of the our website.

Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com

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