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by WhypDancer

Multi- Strand Rattan Birch Rods:

These multiple-strand canes are like numerous thin, whippy stinging canes, all hitting at once. They are the ultimate for lovers of sting.

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These lovely implements have been moved so they can be near their big brothers and sisters on the Royal Pains page of the website.  Here is a link to the page: 

Royal Pains

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These Traditional Birch Rods can now be found on the Wickedly Traditional page of the website. Click on the photo to visit with them!


Soaking birch branches in a hotel jacuzzi tub. They love this sort of "spa treatment"

Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com
or at whypdancer@aol.com Be sure to leave a message with your callback number & best time to call if I don't answer.

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