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by WhypDancer

SW Florida Munch
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Part of the Play area for the
Annual Happy Slappy Halloween Party, October 2002.

Events in Fort Myers, Florida (written 5/2010, updated 2/2017)

BDSM, D/s, kink, fetish (whatever you want to call it) events have been happening in Fort Myers since early 1999. Our play party currently averages around 65 people, and we also have a monthly Munch/Brunch and Dom/sub Dinner, quarterly Fetlife Meets, etc.

To ensure our guests' privacy and comfort, invitations and reservations are handled by email. Please email WhypDancer@aol.com if you are not currently receiving the emailed announcements.

You must be on the invitation list to be admitted to the parties. The general public does not have access, and if you are not on the invitation list, you are considered general public. These are large private events (for Florida, anyway!), with safe, secure access. Membership, reservation, and your activities are kept confidential. Your privacy and comfort are taken very seriously.

We are a widely diverse group. All are welcome here, whatever your interests in the BDSM, kink, D/s, fetish realm. No matter your kink (as long as it is legal), gender, experience level, sexual orientation, ownership status, marital status, etc.. you are welcome. Our ages range from early 20's to 80's.

What you can expect:
You will be greeted outside the door. When you enter, you will be with other kinky people who have a wide variety of interests. Nobody is required or pressured to play at these events. Realistically, around 5-10% of our guests play at the play party. The others are watching, meeting new friends, learning, sharing, shopping (we have vendors with a wide range of floggers, paddles, etc for sale), connecting with familiar faces, and having fun.

If you DO want to play, we have some of the best play furniture around. You can choose from St Andrews Crosses, Spanking Benches, the Bondage Frame, or use your imagination and skills on the bar, a table, bar stool, stripper pole etc. We also have comfortable couches for play or socializing, and a comfortable outdoor patio with comfortable seating for our smokers or those that feel like socializing out there. There is play furniture for you inside, and outside under the stars, if that is your preference.

Our dress code is very simple. Neat & clean outfits-- you are welcome to go as wild or conservative as you'd like! Our guests wear anything and everything, from nearly nothing, to business casual, to leather, fetish formal, to....? You never know what you'll see, and you will see a little bit of any kind of clothing, except beach attire. People new to our events frequently comment on how comfortable and welcome they feel, and how they wish they'd have come out sooner. Whatever you decide to wear, you can rest assured that there are others in the group wearing something very similar. You won't feel out of place because of your wardrobe.

Many of our guests met for the first time at our events, fell in love, and are living happily ever after. Many made new friendships here. You will find us to be a very warm and accepting group.

What have I missed? Feel free to let me know by emailing me at WhypDancer@aol.com. And don't forget to send me your email address so I can add you to the invitation list!

Come out and enjoy!
~your hostess, whyp


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