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by WhypDancer

Wickedly Traditional   Canes4pain®

One of our classic British School Canes and what it can do! 
Blogger Alex said our canes get her bottom's seal of approval!

Accurate replicas of School Disciplinary Canes, Singapore Punishment Canes, & Straight Canes, made to specifications used ages ago. Just as capable now for the discipline of naughty adult "children", husbands, wives, & criminals as they were in the past. Perfect for domestic discipline.

All Canes4pain® rattan canes hold a lifetime guarantee against breakage, no matter where they appear on the Canes4pain.com website.  And now, it is easy to shop with your      MasterCard or Visa, using our secure shopping cart system.

American Horror Story Canes

Canes4pain supplied 20th Century Fox with an assortment of canes to use on the hit TV show, American Horror Story: Asylum (season 2). 
Photo shows actress Jessica Lange with a Canes4pain American Horror Story Cane.

Our Singapore Punishment Canes and 24 other canes were customized for the show.  Now you can have one, too!

 American Horror Story Cane, $65.00

1/2-3/4" thick, 30" long

Whangee Canes

Whangee Canes are mainly for people into Corporal Punishment, S&M, or just hard heavy play.  They are not for the faint of heart. They are very nasty and give a lot of intensity with very little effort. Bottoms, don't buy this as a gift to your top. Don't say I didn't warn you.  No two are alike, and each is very interesting looking.

Fantastic Whangee Cane marks photo courtesy of Fetlife's CherishedSlave.

The photos below show the nodes and knobbly parts of the Whangee Canes. This is part of what makes them so intense. See how the cane bulges out? See the nasty little bumps? It's not all nice and smooth like my other rattan canes.

   Their bumps, ridges, and marking pattern will vary.  On most people, the marks left on the skin look like a classic cane stripe with the double, parallel red lines plus the added effect of the nodes, which makes a mark like a little explosion where each node (shown above) hits.

If you like thud better, go for the thicker Whangee Canes. They are "breath-taking".  If you are more into sting, go for the thin or medium thickness.  They sting like heck. Length on these is 26-31 inches, depending on the flexibility. The thin canes are around 10-15mm thick, the medium are 15-20mm thick, and the thick version is around 21-28mm thick. Those measurements are taken between the nodes. The thin and medium Whangee Canes are flexible, but not overly so, and the thicker are more  solid-- very slightly flexible.

Whangee Canes: $60.00  
Whangee Two Cane Set:  $110.00

TNT Canes

Oh yes, canes CAN give thud & not sting!

TNT (Thick 'N Thuddy) or Thumper Canes are how these are known. Three-quarters to one inch thick, & 36 inches long. There is some variance in the thickness, as they are thicker at one end than the other. They do not have the bark removed. Each has a very interesting and individual surface texture.. basically smooth, but the joints are apparent in the rattan, as are minor imperfections from when they were growing.

TNT Canes, burned with handles

TNT Leopard

To order, click the appropriate button below:
The designs burned into these ARE burned by hand, by me.  They are not painted or dyed.  Each is a beautiful individual, and one of a kind. 

 TNT, Bare: $45.00 
TNT Cane, Burned: $65.00 
Leopard TNT:  $75.00  

The Wickedly Traditional Cane Set

The Wickedly Traditional Cane Set is perfect for those that prefer Classic Styling in their Canes. This set contains everything needed for some good old fashioned discipline. You will have a Singapore Punishment Cane, a Disciplinary British School Cane, a Senior Cane, a Junior/Office Cane, a stinging Nursery Cane, and a Traditional Birch Rod.

This set will give you a very wide range of sensations from the stinging Traditional Birch Rod, to the 1/2 inch thick Singapore Punishment Cane, which is on the more thuddy side, and everything in between. Please remember that these fine implements of correction can feel very nice when used at more moderate intensities than they were used traditionally. Great for Schoolroom scenes- Headmaster, teacher, student, etc.

*All canes in this set are available individually below*

Wickedly Traditional Set:  $195.00 

Traditional Birch Rods

These have a VERY sharp sting!  These Birches are real Bitches!! I hate feeling them!  Birch needs to be harvested in early spring. I only have a limited number of Birch Rods available each year. After a lot of research, I am confident that these are made to be as authentic as possible. The handles are wrapped in red ribbon to match rosy cheeks. They average 30-36 inches long. If you'd like a shorter Birch Rod for getting into "smaller places", let me know by email when  you place your order.

Terms of sale: These Birch Rods are available for $25.00 with the purchase of anything else on the Canes4pain.com website, as a thank you to fans of my work. They will not be sold separately. They do NOT carry the lifetime guarantee of my other work. They should be expected to last a year or two if you soak them before use. I suggest at least an hour or two in room temperature water the night before, or right before each use.  They will hold up very well if you soak them. If you don't, you will shorten the life of the Birch Rods.

Traditional Birch Rod: $25.00 

Wicked Stick
(A Canes4pain Limited Edition)

Thirty-six inches long and over 1/2" thick, this NEW cane design  WILL attract attention. 

The one-half inch thick rattan tapers slightly right at the bent handle.  It is made of a special rattan which is light in weight, but only very slightly flexible. It will be very easy to use accurately.  Lots of thud-- great for warm-up or for those that love thud, or for those that just want something "different" in the cane realm. 

The cane has an elegant look to it.  The rattan is over 1/2" thick and goes from round to a slightly tapered squared-off handle design.  It is lovely.  It has a fine, clear coating to protect it and the users from stains, etc.  It is 36" long and is in VERY limited supply.

 If you like them light, nasty, thuddy, & sealed/coated, this is the cane for you!

Wicked Stick:  $70.00  

Bamboo Birch Rod

There are around 50 lashes bound into a Bamboo Handle.  These are more on the thuddy side of things. They are great for massage or warming skin.  They have less sting than the other Birch Rods I make, and are not very severe.  They do have some sting to them, though and if you want marks, this should not be your implement of choice.  Length is 24", and about one inch wide.  They are frequently used two at a time with one in each hand, for a nice rhythmic impact.

A review of this item: "The bamboo birch rod arrived safely and it really is a work of art.  Thank you so much.  It’s a joy to look at and my Top can’t keep her hands off it!  This was my first order with you, but it sure won’t be the last.  I’ll be in touch with you again very soon."

Bamboo Birch Rod:  $45  

 Frank Albergo using two of these Bamboo Birch Rods on a friend.

Singapore Punishment Canes

One half to 3/4 inch thick and very long, these will make their mark!

These, like the other wicked Canes4pain® in the Wickedly Traditional Collection, are made to exact specifications to produce an accurate rendition.  In Singapore, these Punishment Canes are still used after soaking the lower 1/3 of the cane in water overnight. This makes it more supple, adds more weight, and makes it somewhat flexible-- to ensure perfect contact with its target. They are used as punishment, as hard as the caner can hit, on naked butt.

  99% of the time when used in Singapore, the skin is split open, and permanent marks are left. These can be used
without soaking, and at less harsh intensity.  This is a very serious Disciplinary Cane, if used the way they do in the Singapore Judicial System.

The Singapore Punishment Canes are very lightly oiled, undecorated, and nasty. They have the bark intact, so there will be "character lines" and marks in the bark. The marks are natural and will have no effect on the use or longevity of the cane.

Singapore Punishment Cane: $47.50  

Crook-Handled British School Canes:   

Shown, from left: 
Traditional Birch Rod, Disciplinary Cane, Senior Cane, Singapore Punishment Cane, Junior/Office Cane, Nursery Cane


Junior or Office Cane:
5/16 inch thick, 30 inches long.... $27.50
These were the most widely used in schools. They are of medium length & thickness, for a wide range of sensations. These go from nice, soft tapping, to leaving classic welts & bruises. This, & the shorter length below, are very easy to control, making them very good for people new to canes, or for those building a collection of classics. (This is my favorite size! They are easy to use, and have plenty of fire to them!)

  Junior/Office Cane: $27.50  

Nursery Cane

Sybil Hawthorn with our stinging Nursery Cane. Photo by ATP.

3/16 inch thick, 23 inches long..... $25.00
The small size of this makes it excellent for OTK (Over The Knee) applications, or for those standing or bent over. It is very thin and whippy for lots of STING. It will not mark heavily. Most people's skin will not bruise from this size cane, but you may get some welts, and they pack a LOT of sting! They are whippy, yet easy to control, and will get the bottoms dancing around. The Tops will love them. They are also great for more delicate areas such as inner thighs, feet (bastinado), breasts, etc because they have a lot of sting, but won't really do any damage.

Nursery Cane: $25 

crchair.jpg (31713 bytes)

Straight Canes:
Simple, just as  highly effective as our other Canes4pain®, treated with linseed oil, sanded and undecorated. These still have the rattan's bark intact, so there may be marks and "character lines" on them. This will not affect their feel or longevity. They team up to make a nice set when combined with any other cane offered here. The sizes
of these match those of the School Canes above... they are great to complete a set. The descriptions for the Crook Handled canes applies to these also.

Straight Cane, 3/8"x36",     $26.00 
Straight Cane, 5/16" x 33",   $24.00 
Straight Cane, 5/16" x 30",   $23.00  
 Straight Cane, 1/4" x 28",  $20.00
Straight Cane, 1/4" x 23",  $17.00 
**If you don't see your favorite size here, email me! I keep a LOT of rattan in stock, in all thicknesses from 1/8" up to one inch thick, and 10 feet long! Chances are, I have exactly what you want!

Can't decide what to give as a gift?
® gift certificates are here!
Ordering information is on the Specials page.

Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com

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