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by WhypDancer

What's New...

me- your cane angel, Fran

December 1: Wow!  I feel like an elf in Santa's workshop, wrapping and sending everybody's gifts!  Please remember, each order comes with a complimentary, wonderful cane gift from me!  I can just hear these canes adding festive red stripes to the season here & around the world!  What fun!

I just completed a new batch of Butt Beaters & Twisted Loopy Canes!  They can be seen here on the Royal Pains page!  These are compact so they're easy to pack for that night out, and pack a LOT of intensity!

November 11: It is Veteran's Day! Thank you to all who served!

I've been working on a new batch of British School Canes. They are exquisite! About one dozen are ready now, and the rest will take another week. Did you know that almost all of my weekends are spent "in production"?

 Shipping doesn't (usually) happen on weekends, so I use that time to make new canes. This weekend I put the finishing touches on several School Canes to get them ready to ship. A few Whangee & Leopard & American Horror Story Canes got burned too.

October 23:  It's been a busy week or two!  I updated photos and order buttons on the Wickedly Traditional page today.  Hopefully I didn't mess anything up this time!  Reviews of the new canes have been lovely!  If you have photos, or would like to tell me about your new canes, please do!  I love to hear from my fans!  My best email address is WhypDancer@aol.com.  The photo below was sent from a happy fan!  Lovely, isn't it?

New Tiger Canes available on the Wickedly Traditional page.

October 12   I and the canes returned from vending at DomCon!  What a wonderful event!  If you ever have the opportunity to attend, I highly recommend it!  All of the orders from the week away were shipped on Wednesday, as planned.  I will now be working on finishing several custom canes. 
DomCon New Orleans vending booth Canes4pain
The DomCon NOLA Canes4pain.com vending booth, October 2018

October 1, 2018  ***NEW***
The Flame-Kissed Canes with their beautiful Lamb Skin Leather Handles are now HERE on the Wickedly Traditional Page.

September 26  Coming soon!  I burn a swirly design into the canes, and add a fragrant, supple leather handle.  There are multiple layers of leather so it is a comfortable, thicker handle-- for a sure grip!  These will be great for those of us with arthritis in our hands! I made leather handled canes years ago, but stopped.  Here are the updated versions!  I will add them to the Wickedly Traditional page soon.

leather handle burned canes Canes4pain
The canes are 5/8" (15-16mm) thick, and the handles are 1" to 1.25" thick.  The high quality leather feels great in your hand!

Happy Birthday!!! ~Updated/Expanded!

September 1, 2018  Well!  They are calling for a rainy weekend here in SW Florida!  What nerve!  No shipping on Monday- it is Labor Day here & all the Post Offices are closed.

I am working on completing a very small batch of British School Canes in the larger sizes.  They are delicious.  And the special shown below is still going on.  I am enjoying giving the complimentary canes.  It makes me AND you happy, so I'm going to continue it.  Maybe even permanently.  It is fun :-)

I hope you're having a nice summer/winter wherever in the world you are!  I have many fans all around the world! 

August 20: Still running the birthday special because it has been fun choosing your gifts and hearing all about it afterwards!  (see below for details!)

Just spent one day in MA vending at the summer flea!  What a BUSY five hours!  It was great seeing & meeting everyone! Everybody fawned over the Crown Jewels & Sanibel Beach Canes!  The Tiger and Leopard Canes, and everything else got a lot of attention!

I'm VERY sleepy after getting to the airport at 5am Sunday to come home.  There was a wedding party celebrating at 2am in the hall outside my hotel room.  I promised to pay them back when I awoke at 4am but decided to be nice to them & let them sleep lol  Never a dull moment in the life of your cane maker!

August 1:  I am expanding this very special special to include everything on the site.  Buy anything, and you will receive a complimentary nice cane.  These are not garbage throw-away canes!  I've been having so much fun with this, I decided to expand it to include everything.  No coupon code, no fuss!  I will just include your birthday cane with your order!  FUN!

July 21:  I am running a very special special!!!   Receive a complimentary cane when you order anything from the Wickedly Traditional page.  No codes, no coupons, no hassle.  I will include something nice that you'll love, when I ship your order.  :-)  Happy birthday, when ever it is, from Canes4pain!  Tell your friends!  Great time to get something you've been drooling over!  I look forward to picking out some cool surprises for you! 

I worked on a new batch of Sanibel Beach Canes today.  They get a lot of attention on my vending trips.  It is fun telling people about where/how I gather the shells, etc. It amazes me that almost everybody has been to this area for vacation, or to visit family, etc. 

I added "Shorty Canes" to the Wickedly Traditional Page.  They are Whangee Canes and Leopard Canes that are just as thick and wonderful as the other versions, but they are a little bit shorter, at 21".  Easy to carry, easy to make your mark wherever you want!  I've been offering these on my vending trips and people love them! 

July 13:  I returned from vending at Beg, Barter, Buy in Ft Lauderdale, and TESFest in NJ.  I was able to speak to a lot of people and make sure their new canes are perfectly suited to their play style.  That's what I really love about vending at events-- speaking to and meeting people and helping them select canes, and teaching about the care, selection and use of them!  Mega fun!  Many beautiful canes found new homes. 

canes4pain vending booth 

I am now on the board of directors of our local chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths.  I've been studying jewelry making techniques for many years and incorporate those skills in the creation of the Crown Jewels Canes.  I love time spent with my jewelry artist friends.  Their work is exquisite and inspires me to make pretty canes for you!

June 12:   If you've been waiting for British School Canes, they are ready!  There is an ordering button for them on the Wickedly Traditional page.

May 24:  The lovely new canes are now on the Crown Jewels page.  See them HERE  They are as wicked as they are beautiful, and made to be used!  Each is one of a kind, with handles designed with gold silver, and gemstones.  Definitely fit for the special person in your life!

May 23:  Today I worked on the Crown Jewels page of this site.  I think I have all the new canes' portraits where  you can see them, and began the measurements, descriptions and ordering buttons for them.  You can take a peek at them meanwhile, if you'd like.  I'm pretty busy the rest of this week with shipping, etc. but hope to finish getting their details finished in the next day or two.  Take a look at them on the Crown Jewels page.  I hope you like them!

ALL of the canes are spectacular, whether "Bare Canes" , Royal Pains, or Crown Jewels.  YUM!

May 22:  Worked on the British School Canes today.  I think they'll be spectacular.  Will be able to tell soon, when they are cured and have had their time in the cane spa (oil soak).  Will let you know when they're finished!

May 16:  Got home from DomCon LA last night!  What a great event!  It was SO nice meeting some adoring cane fans, and seeing many that I haven't seen for a while.  I love that event so much!

My next project is to get the remaining six Crown Jewels Canes on the website.  I photo'd them before the trip, but didn't have time to do the editing and updates while away.  I expect the photos to be on Canes4pain.com in the next few days. 

May 13:  The very popular Glossy Handled canes (photo below) are finished!  Each is sanded to a silky smooth finish.  This batch is lovely!  They have nice, long comfortable handles for a sure grip, and are beautifully balanced to fly straight and accurately to their intended target.  Beautiful, in stock, and ready to ship!  See them on the Royal Pains page.  YUM!

 May 12: There are eight Crown Jewels Canes photo'd and ready to offer on this site.  I am vending at DomCon LA this weekend, so there is not much time to add them.  They are spectacular and can be seen on the Crown Jewels page very soon!

Three of the new Crown Jewels Canes- not yet on the site.

April 27:  If you are in need of new canes, this is the PERFECT time to order!

Today I'll be finished putting handles on many Glossy Handled Canes.  It was challenging with inaccurate weather reports. This work is done outdoors in dry weather.  Very pleased that this project is finished!  These canes need their initial spa treatment (oil bath) and trimming and sanding.  Each one is made- start to finish- by me.  They are very close to being perfect for you! 

Now for the Sanibel Beach Canes, Whangees, Crown Jewels, Twisted Loopies, Butt Beaters, Singapore Punishment Canes, Leopard & American Horror Story Canes, etc. 

April 26:  I'm still fussing over some new Crown Jewels Canes.  There are some gorgeous canes in the works!

The handle style of the Fusion Sets is changing slightly.  Fans have told me they miss the "balls" at the top of the cane handles in the Fusion Set Canes.  Can  you hear them?  "Bring back the balls!  Bring back the balls!"   So I am bringing back the balls!  The canes for the sets will be ready in a few days, and then I'll photograph them and update the site with the new photos.  The Fusion Sets have a 7mm, 9mm, and 11mm cane, each with an appropriately sized ball at the top, and come in Purple or Red.  They can be seen on the Royal Pains page of the site.

I expect to be finished restocking the Glossy Handled Canes in a day or two (if the rain stays away) and will then begin work on a new batch of Sanibel Beach Canes.  Making the beach canes reminds me of days at the beach.  I love running my hands through the sand and shells that I use on them.  Mmmmm

In May I'll be vending at DomCon LA in Los Angeles.  I'm looking forward to teaching about and showing off canes all weekend!  I LOVE being surrounded by friends and fans that I don't get to see often enough.  DomCon attracts fans from all over the world.  I love it!!!   It's a warm, friendly, VERY well run event!  Come see me & the canes if you can!!!  For info:  http://domconla.com

March 18, 2018:  What a fun week last week was in the cane design studio!  Here is a peek at one cane I've been working on:

It is an exquisite Labradorite gemstone that I set in ornate, vintage brass.  This beautiful cane will be finished in a week or so.  I've also been working on completing several custom canes.  I LOVE the time I spend in the design studio creating new works of cane art!  It is right up there (on the "fun" scale) as showing them to you at events!  I love to hear the gasps and comments when you see them!  I'm sure they'll get lots of gasps when you feel them, too! 

 This week I'm going to continue those projects and begin a batch of Glossy Handled Canes.  Those come in 8 different colors in 3-5 different thicknesses in each!  They are wonderful canes for everyone, no matter how hard you play, or whether  you want to have cane stripes or not.

I live in Florida.  I saw today that Moonstone is our state gemstone!  I didn't know that!  I still have one cane with a Moonstone available on the Crown Jewels page of the site. 

March 15, 2018:  I've been making great progress in completing several custom canes on the workbench & can't wait to show them to you!  My next vending trip will be to Los Angeles for DomCon LA.  Will have around 300 canes to show off there!  Join me if you can!  www.DomConLA.com has all the info. 

February 19:  Wow!  Valentines Day has passed, and things are still super busy here!  I think I am still getting orders to be sent as gifts!  I hope everybody loves their canes & cane gifts!  It was so much fun wrapping all the canes in heart-covered gift wrap, I'm still doing it!  I try to wrap the canes in hearts all year, but sometimes run out of that gift wrap.   Wrapping in hearts feels like sending a hug with all my canes

February 7, 2018:  Valentines Day is coming soon!  It is the most busy holiday for canes, and it has been very busy here!  Cupid is working to get great cane gifts sent around the world! I'm delighted to be sending all canes packaged in gift wrap covered with pretty hearts and ribbon. Almost everything is in stock and ready to ship, and there is still time to zip a gift off to that special someone, or even yourself!  Order now!

After reorganizing the design studio, & working on commissioned pieces, I started some Crown Jewels Canes. Hoping to have all of these spectacular canes completed soon.  

Canes4pain work bench
Work bench in the cane design studio.  This is where the magic happens.

November 14:  Lots of new cane photos on the Gallery page!  I have several new Crown Jewels Canes in the works.  Will show photos asap.

November 3, 2017: Took a fantastic two-day class last weekend on fusing sterling silver!  Geared to people who make jewelry, I consider this sort of learning as "Cane Making 501" college level courses.  It was put on by my chapter of the Florida Society of Goldsmiths. 

This techique uses a special sterling that is a mere 1% more pure than "normal" sterling silver.  This allows the metal to be fused and allows for some really great effects and textures! 

I bent a lot of hearts out of this metal and fused them to a sheet of silver.  Sounds kind of plain and unexciting, but my attempts are lovely!  I am hoping to incorporate them into the design for the next Valentines Day Limited Edition Canes. 

Here is a photo of me (concentrating!) in class.  I am the blonde on the right, hard at work making cane sized hearts for us! Canes4pain whypdancer class

October 25:  I think everything on the Canes4pain website is in stock and ready to ship!  I've been loving shipping your orders QUICKLY!  Planning to create in the cane design studio next week.  I have some beautiful pieces to complete Crown Jewels Canes.  Stay tuned- exceptional canes coming!  I have some absolutely delicious rattan to build these canes with! Can't wait to work with it!

Very excited about this weekend (Oct 28 & 29)! I'll be taking a jewelry-making class, aka "cane-making 501".  It deals with fusing silver, but uses a "different" technique & a special kind of silver that is not pure silver, yet has a higher silver content than sterling silver. They still call it sterling silver, though.  Looking forward to learning all about it, and to spending the weekend with my jewelry artist friends, working with this new silver!  I hope to make some special pieces that can be incorporated into cane designs.  Maybe hearts for Valentine's Day??  I love learning new cane (jewelry) making skills!

Canes4pain vendor DomCon NOLA 2017  Canes4pain School Canes at DomCon NOLA 2017 

August 2:  Happy Birthday to us!
Order anything from the Wickedly Traditional page and you'll get a free cane gift to celebrate our birthdays!  Mine is coming up soon, and I don't know when yours is, so we'll celebrate now, together!

July 20:  I am fully stocked with enough canes to (probably) last through the rest of the summer.  I've been in the design studio fussing over some spectacular custom canes.  They'll be finished soon!  So, this is a great time to speak to me about your custom design.  They're great for gifts, or something very special for yourself!

Fusion cane set
I have a new size cane that is simply breathtaking!  Now available are these 11mm canes.  If you want marks, these are perfect!  They can be adopted by themselves, or in the new Fusion Sets.  Fusion Sets now have the 11mm, 9mm, and 7mm canes for a huge range of sensations from high-pitched sting to a firey burn!

Traditional Birch Rod
Birch Rods! They're back! On the Wickedly Traditional page!

TES Fest Vending Canes4pain
Just a few of the canes I have ready!
In early July I was a vendor at TES Fest in NJ.  It is always such a pleasure when I meet & see cane fans face to face! We always share laughs, caning tales, and knowlege. It is so much fun!  I loved seeing your marks!  Thank you to all who spent time with me & the canes during our journey. After vending, we took a leisurely trip back home to Florida. A wonderful end to a perfect trip!  Thank you to all who visited the vending booth! I was invited back next year and have been vending at this event on and off since 2004.  Great event, great weekend!

 June 6: Finished bending the handles of a batch of British School Canes.  They look delicious.  They got caught in the rain, & need a few days to dry, then their final spa treatment, and they'll be ready to ship!  The new 11mm canes on the Royal Pains page are lovely!  Straight and strong, they'll easily mark their target!  YUM!

May 14:  Hiii!  Everything is restocked!  Just completed batches of everything!  I changed the Fusion Sets to include a burning 11mm Cane that will definately leave its mark!  See the new sets on the Specials and Royal Pains pages!  I am VERY pleased with all the new canes!  I also just completed new Whangees!  These are all spectacular! Also Twisted Loopy Canes, Rattan Butt Beaters, Glossy Canes, Sanibel Beach Canes, American Horror Story & Leopard Canes, etc. YAY! I know you'll love them as much as I do!

March 15:  Ten spectacularly beautiful Whangee Canes are ready in all three widths!  They look (and look like they'll feel) delicious!  Finishing (sanding) a Royal Pains in the Butt Set in a custom color.  I hope their new owner loves them!  I have a new oxy-acetylene torch.  Can't wait to use it in my metal work and cane-burning!  A 6000+ degree flame the size of a pin.  Mmmm what fun I'm going to have!  I've wanted one of these for many years! 

Canes are well stocked now.  Looking forward to getting them sent to you!
~your cane maker, Fran

March 4, 2017  Hi!  Many beautiful canes are now traveling to their new homes all around this country and the world.  I don't expect any more delays.  I have a new batch of Whangee and may start burning it this weekend.  I do small batches when I'm burning things (like Whangee Canes, American Horror Story Canes, Leopards,  etc).  Usually 4 to 6 canes at a time.  It actually takes quite a while to burn each.  I enjoy it.

February 28, 2017  My beloved father died a few days ago.  He was 88, soon to turn 89.  I was already planning my trip up north to join him for his July birthday, as I almost always did.  Before my accident, I visited about five times each year, totaling around 7 weeks.  One of my brothers couldn't understand it.  I couldn't understand my brother's attitude.  sigh...

 February 8, 2017:  Wow, things have been incredibly busy here!  It amazes me that Valentines Day is the busiest CANE gift giving time of the year.  I hope 2017 has started off well for all of you, and the year turns out to be your very best ever!   As I enter my 17th year of cane making, I want to take this time to THANK YOU for loving my canes!  I love the challenge in bringing you these implements that add stripes and smiles to your lives!  Thank you thank you thank you, and Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Love and stripes to all!!!!

January 9-   I completed the update on the new canes on the Crown Jewels page.  Quite a few have been adopted to new homes this season, and I added two new canes.  I'm sure they and all the other canes that have traveled around the world this season will be a cherished part of their new owners' lives.  Feeling very appreciative to all my fans!  I love making the canes that you love. 

December 2, 2016- Still running the Free Cane Special.  See below.  I added two new Crown Jewels Canes to that page.  They are very lovely, wicked canes.  Take a look!   Click this link to see them

November, 2016:
Everything on the site is now in stock and ready to ship!  All orders are gift wrapped, too!  I have five new Crown Jewels Canes ready to photograph.  There is even a new batch of Sanibel Beach Canes!

Happy caning!  Can't wait to fill your cane dreams!

November 5:  VERY pleased to announce that tomorrow I will be finished restocking the Glossy Canes-- lovely Black, Red, Royal Blue, Purple, Hunter Green, & Burgundy Canes in a range of widths from 7mm (1/4") for sting and welts, 9mm (5/16" my favorite!) for sting & burn, and 10.5mm(3/8") bruisers!  I've been very busy!  They can be found on the Royal Pains page.

I've also been in the cane design studio working on Crown Jewels.  There are at least two to unveil this week- one features a Sterling Silver Dragon holding a single tail whip.  It is topped with a working wartenburg wheel. Another cane almost ready has two Sterling Silver monster faces (a two-faced b*tch?) and is topped with a large red/burgundy Swarovski Crystal and dried-blood red garnet gemstones.  Both are approximately 11mm.  The current offerings can be seen (and adopted!) on the Crown Jewels page of the site.

A new batch of Sanibel Beach Canes will be ready this weekend, too!  Bringing a little bit of Florida Sunshine to everyone, they are covered with sharp sea shell shards, and sealed. They can be found on the Crown Jewels page!

October 20:  I added some new canes to the Wickedly Traditional page! Tigers and Leopards in different sizes!

September 21, 2016:  Updated the site today by fixing order buttons on the Sanibel Beach Canes, adding some beautiful Crown Jewels Canes to the Cane Gallery, etc.  Applied to vend at Thunder in the Mountains (Denver in July). I hope to see many friends & fans there! 

August 25:  Yesterday, I committed to vending at LF&P (Baltimore in October), DomCon NOLA (New Orleans in November), and the Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, R.I. in February). Would love to get back to my old schedule of vending at 15-20 events per year!  My knee injury slowed me down quite a bit.  Hoping to get back to it, and am SO looking forward to seeing everyone!  I've been missing friends, family and fans terribly.  Can't wait to get back on the road!  YAY!!!

I will be debuting NEW Leopard Cane Sets soon!  Stay tuned!  Four Leopard Canes of different sizes, all burned by (my) hand and finished to perfection!  Wait till you see!  Working on photos of them now.


July 30: 

 I am about to celebrate another birthday, AND it is nearly time for Back to School parties AND I've been working hard on the Wickedly Traditional Canes-- Rattan bending, burning, sanding, & tweaking to perfection.  Shop now for the best selection!

**Click HERE to see the Wickedly Tradtional Canes!**


I've been receiving some lovely photos, videos and comments from you!  Please keep it up!

american horror story cane canedreamer
Canedreamer with her American Horror Story Cane, showing the marks it makes.  Find them on the Wickedly Traditional page!

April 13, 2016:  Lots of canes are traveling all over the world.  I am again taking classes- intermediate silversmithing, on Wednesdays. (aka canemaking 501 class?) Working on a challenging hinge on a piece while there.  I hope to finish it soon and can show you the results! 

Summer seems to be here in SW Florida early this year.  Ready to work on some summery cane designs soon. 

March 13:  Doing some touch-ups on the Canes4pain website. Also working on restocking the glossy handled canes (shown on the Royal Pains page).  I have a lot of them in stock but am considering a vending trip later in the spring, so I think I need additional finished pieces, just in case.  Still undecided whether my leg is up to it or not.

 Had a fantastic weekend vending at the Fetish Fair Flearmarket in Providence, RI in February, with the assistance of ms kitten.  Temps way below zero, ice, snow, and 3000 guests!  What a combination! It was quite an adventure!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by the vending booth!  It was great seeing you!  I got to visit the Boston Tiffany store on my way to the airport.  I love Tiffany's sparkle and shine!

On the way to Boston, I spent time in Tucson with a dear friend and found design elements for future canes.  The beautiful pieces I have planned for them should be ready soon.  The Tucson classes I took previously are not happening anymore.  I loved them!

Now home in Florida, I am once again a student!  In silversmithing class, I'm working on sterling silver rivet &  hinge-making, flower design for canes, etc.  Let's just call this "Cane-Making 601 Class." Here is the latest photo from the rose I've been working on for years.  Curious about how long it takes to make a cane?  It depends...  :-)

Checking to see if this rose petal size is what I want.
Yes, this IS for one of my cane creations!

January 31 2016  Happy Valentines Day! 


Butt Beaters & Twisted Loopy Canes (below) make it VERY easy to give hearts & flowers to special people in your life! 
See them HERE

January 10, 2016:  Wow!  A new year!  Very excited about everything this year is going to bring!  I am once again pondering & working on a few custom canes, & some new cane styles & colors.  2015 threw some yuckky challenges my way (broken leg, transplanted knee ligaments, crushed & replaced artery in leg, lots of hospital & rehab time, etc.) and I am absolutely thrilled that a new year is here!   :-)

This week, I am finishing restocking the glossy handled canes (Royal Pains Page of the site).  They've been available for years in 8 colors and 3-5 widths in each.  I have a two NEW colors-- a great electric violet & a new metallic color.  I'll take them to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket next month to see if people like them.  If you can make it to the Flea in Providence, Rhode Island, please come say hello!  I LOVE seeing & meeting my fans!  Leaving SW Florida in February for a quick visit to New England is always exciting.  There is some very interesting winter weather there, but I LOVE seeing the people! 

That will be my first trip since April, 2014.  I'm looking forward to seeing how my leg reacts to flights, vending, etc.  I think it will be fine, but this will be a test.  If it cooperates, I plan to get back to my "normal life" of making canes AND traveling to see you, & teach about canes and caning!

Hugs, gratitude, and heartfelt wishes for a great 2016!

December 28, 2015:  As the year draws to a close, I'd like to thank every one of you for your support, encouragement, photos, emails, etc.  I hope you have a tremendously fantastic 2016 with lots of pretty red cane stripes!  hugs!

November 29: Santa Specials are here! 

Canes new crown jewels for November 2016
Find these & others HERE on the Crown Jewels page!
 I know their new owners are going to be VERY pleased with them!  Can't wait to see who gets them and where in the world they go!

November 25, 2015:  The new canes are now on the Crown Jewels page, with descriptions.  I worked hard on them and hope you'll love them as much as I do!

November 24: The photos of the new Crown Jewels Canes are ready to put on the website!  Can't wait to show them to you! I'll be uploading them onto the site, then adding the description of each one-of-a-kind piece.  Wait till you see these!  Shhhh  don't tell anyone till they have descriptions! 

November 16:  I have some lovely new things almost ready!  Can't wait to show them off!  Finishing up some Sanibel Beach Canes and School Canes today! 

October 28, 2015:  I LOVE my work!  I'm putting finishing touches on a new batch of Scorched TNT Canes, Sting Sets, Pink Glossy Handled Canes, & Rattan Birch Rods.  Our weather has cooled to below 90 most days. It is delightful to be able to work with temps in the 80's.  These beautiful new items should all be ready to ship on Monday or Tuesday, NOvember 2 & 3.  Completing a new batch of beautiful Crown Jewels Canes.  Lots of gleaming pure & sterling silver and stones such as Malachite, Moonstone, etc.  They are gorgeous!

Completed a new batch of luscious Medium thickness Whangee.  It is yummy!  I'm sure you'll love it, too!!! 

Taking a class on Chasing & Repousse on Saturday & Sunday this weekend.  Can't wait to spend a weekend with my jewelry artist friends, hammering on metal.  What fun!  Our local Florida Society of Goldsmiths is importing instructors to teach us.  YAY!

Fusion Set in Purple from the Royal Pains Page.
Also available in Black, Red, & Pink

August 25:  Labor Day is coming soon!  So many parties all around the country that weekend!  What fun!  I hope my canes travel with you and make your weekend enjoyable!  Working on Sanibel Beach Canes  :-)

August 4:  At least another month of physical therapy 3 times per week.  It hurts.  The e-stim at the end of each session is fun, though.  It leaves me floaty and very  sleepy each time.  New TNT Cane stock should arrive today!  I'll make more Leopard TNT's and Scorched TNT Canes.  They are one inch thick, 36" long, and great for warming the skin, or for lovers of thud.  This is my answer to those that say canes only sting, and are never thuddy.  I burn the patterns into the rattan.  Each is unique and beautiful. 

Click to See them here 


July 10:  New Crown Jewels Canes are ready!  Eight canes, seven months in the making.  I hope you love them!  See them here: New Crown Jewels Canes

My knee is still healing.  I have physical therapy 3x per week. 

May 8, 2015: Things are progressing nicely. I've been restocking everything.  The Glossy Handled Canes (seven colors!) and Rattan Birch Rods in their complementary colors are finished and ready to travel to you!  Singapore Punishment, Whangee, American Horror Story Canes, and British School Canes (in four sizes!) are in stock. Twisted Loopy Canes are ready in their three sizes. Within the next few days, I will return to the design studio to spend my sunny days creating the beautiful one of a kind works of cane art.  I can't wait to finish the designs I began before my accident, and create others that I've been thinking about.  It is so good to be back to work! 

I am walking with a cane (just for now hopefully). Not up to the rigors of event vending yet, but hope to be back to it in the fall.  Very sorry I can't make DomCon LA next week! I LOVE being surrounded by cane lovers! I will stay home and make some gorgeous canes for you, instead of going.

3/17/2015  I left the rehab place a few days ago, after staying there for almost 4 months.  I can't quite walk, but I can kind of hobble around.  Moving very slowly.  I'll be staying at a friend's house until I can really walk.  I thought after two operations and 3.5 months of physical therapy & bed rest & doing everything they said, I'd be able to walk right away.  I guess not, but I think I'm well enough to work on canes!  Not at my usual rate, but I am working on them. 

I have plans!  I am working on back-ordered Whangee Canes, American Horror Story Canes, and Sanibel Beach Canes.  I hope to have all of those orders finished in a week.  I want to finish those, then restock the Glossy Canes, Rattan Birch Rods (They are sold separately and also as part of Sting & Fusion Sets), etc.  Then I can get back to the Crown Jewels that were almost complete when everything went topsy-turvy as a result of my fall on November 26.

Many thanks and kudos to Ms Kitten, who did all the cane shipping during my rehab stay.  She was great.  I'm so thankful for her assistance!

Many thanks to my cherished fans and customers-- every one of you.  Thank you so much for your patience, understanding, well wishes and encouragement through this!

3/2/2015  So excited!  I had surgery last Thursday.  I got another 50+ staples.  I'm leaving the hospital today and going back to rehab.  I have a doctor's appt on the 6th (this Friday!) and hopefully he'll allow me to bend my knee and put weight on my right leg.  Then I can walk!  It might be another couple weeks, though... will know Friday.

After three months unable to walk, I am SO freaking ready to run!  Can't wait can't wait can't wait!!!!  Really looking forward to getting back to my "real" life-- Starbucks, making canes, being back in my house, etc... dreamy sigh...  soon...!  Thank you, my darling customers, friends and fans, for your patience and understanding through this.  I will be back 100% soon!  :-)  :-)

2/25/2015 Surgery is set for tomorrow.  Please  be patient for a few days if you contact me or have questions.  There will be a 7-10 day unavoidable shipping slow down beginning tomorrow.  I do expect to be back online in a few days to answer questions, give guidance, etc.  I greatly appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.  I expect to be back making some kick ass disciplinary canes for you in about two weeks.

2/17/2015  My 60 staples were removed.  Doctor is pleased with my healing, but he disappointed me terribly by telling me that I have another 3 weeks of not bending my knee or putting weight on my leg.  Have appt with vascular surgeon on Friday for vein mapping & to set a (another!) surgery date.  He wants to make one of my veins into an artery to replace the ruined artery behind my knee. 

I'm almost to the end of this and should be walking (and working!) in another 3 or 4 weeks.  Can't wait to finish & show you the new things I was working on!

Ms Kitten is still assisting me with shipping your orders. She's doing a great job!
My knee after 60 surgical staples were removed. 

I had surgery last Friday. The doctor is pleased and thinks he did a great job.  I spent a few nights in the hospital. That was unexpected. I was supposed to go to rehab right after surgery. I am back in rehab now, until I have another operation (blood clot in damaged leg) in five weeks. I expect to be back on my feet, home, and walking in 7-8 weeks. (Added 3/13/2015:  HA!  No way!  After nine months of physical therapy, they've determined this is a permanent disability.  The injured leg & knee are almost always a pain in the ass)

Shipping is being taken care of under the sweet competent hands of ms kitten.  She's been great through all of this.  When you place an order, I email and give you shipping details, etc. Ms kitten (see below) will actually ship your order.  The system we've come up with is working well and we look forward to getting some fantastic canes sent to you, wherever in the world you are!

I had some new styles of "regular" canes and several crown jewels canes VERY close to being finished.  Can't wait to get back to the design studio and complete them!

1/18/2015  We will not be shipping for the remainder of January because I am having surgery this week- extensive reconstructive surgery on my knee.  Orders placed during rest of January will be held and shipped in the order they were received.  

A darling friend, Ms. Kitten, has been shipping your orders since my mishap in November, and will resume asap after my surgery (expected date of shipping restart- Feb. 1).  For the first time in 15 years, I need assistance. I am unable to walk or return home until (probably) March.  Kitten will get back to shipping lovely canes to you on February 1.  I hope this slight delay doesn't cause too many issues for you. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and for your love of my work!  Your constant support and encouragement means so much to me!  I will be back on my feet, making pretty canes again very soon!

Ms. Kitten, your shipping clerk!

My knee: 3 of the 4 ligaments torn, tendons damaged, tibial plateau broken, etc.  

11/20/2014  Wow! 
It's been busy here with canes flying all over the world and here in the US and Canada! Thank  you, everyone, for your love of my work!  I have another day or two of finishing touches to add to the new Crown Jewels Canes and hope to be able to show them on the site next week.  Lapis, Tigers Eye, Wartenburg Wheels, sparkling Sterling Silver, the deep purple of Amethysts... they are beautiful and I can't wait to show them to you!

10/25/2014  One week remaining on October's special- free cane with any order over $40 (not including shipping). The freebies are fun canes that I'm sure are putting smailes on people's faces all around the world this month.  Place your order asap to get yours!

Working on finishing touches for new Crown Jewels Canes.  Sanibel Beach Canes have been popular lately- they are covered with sharp sea shell shards. 

10/5/2014  Can't believe it is October already!  Special for October:  Any order $40 or over (not including shipping) will receive a Halloween-themed cane to help get you in the festive Halloween holiday spirit.

The Fusion Set

Available in three colors at a special price, on the Royal Pains page
Click here to see!

I am working on new Crown Jewels Canes.  People are loving the versatility of the new Fusion Sets! 

9/26/2014  WOW!  It's been busy here!  I put together a new set of canes-   The Fusion Set- consisting of a 7, 9, and 10.5mm Glossy Cane, along with a matching Rattan Birch Rod.  Special pricing available now on the Royal Pains and Specials pages of this site.  I am working on new Crown Jewels Canes for the fall & winter and plan to have them ready for you in October.  Also some new cane styles coming soon.  Very excited about it all and looking forward to taking care of your cane needs soon!

9/4/2014:  Thank you for your participation in my Birthday Giveaway, everyone!  The response was great!  It was fun giving special gifts out!  I hope everybody loves them! 

8/28/2014:  I am extending the Happy Birthday Free Gift Giveaway!  See 8/16 entry below.

I've been working on restocking everything for the fall.  Yes, it is time-- mid-August!  Just completed a lovely batch of British School Canes, and have an accumulation of canes that are perfectly worthy, but they are not the correct lengths to go with everything else.  Have decided to gift these to my customer/fans and call it a "Birthday Gift" to YOU!  My birthday was last week :-)  Free gift with any purchase from the Wickedly Traditional page, for the rest of the month!  Offer will be honored through the Labor Day weekend, ending 4am EST, Tuesday Sept 2.

I've been receiving some lovely photos, videos and comments from you!  Please keep it up.  I love to see and hear these from you!  Here are some examples from the last few days:

1) You Tube: FemDom Goddess Cheyenne with her new Twisted Loopy Cane

and a

2) Lovely blog entry

I'd love if you could send me a link to your blog entry mentioning your beloved canes, or show me photos, or send your opinion of my work, etc.  The best email address to send to is WhypDancer@aol.com, but WhypDancer@Canes4pain.com works too.

7/25/2014: This summer is sort of strange.  My nastier items usually surge in popularity in December/January.  It is happening now- in July.  Whangees, Singapore Punishment Canes, American Horror Story Canes, etc.  You, my fans, never cease to amaze me lol

Just completed a course in lost wax casting for jewelers.  It was a very intense and interesting time.  I guess I can be officially confused with a jewelry designer or fabricator.  Never really thought about it, even though I've been taking specialized jewelry making classes for over a decade.  Chasing and repousse, casting, gemstone setting, silversmithing, etc.  It all goes into my cane making.  I love taking these classes, and love working in the design studio.  Maybe someday, I'll actually make a piece of jewelry.

7/5/2014:  Went to 4th of July fireworks last night, for the first time in a million years.  The purpley-blue fireworks make me want to decorate canes with beautiful blue lapis & moonstone & opal gemstones.  Sanibel Beach Canes, Singapore Punishment Canes and British School Canes seem to be very popular right now.  Oh Whangee Canes, too!  How could I forget those nasty things?

Happily spending the summer at home creating new canes and shipping promptly around the world.  It fascinates me how quickly canes travel to the other side of the globe... whooosh!

6/2/2014:  It's been a fun couple of weeks since my last entry below.  I've been working on building Sanibel Beach Canes and Sting Sets.  Both have been very popular lately. 

Emailed a promotional piece yesterday, but evidently not everybody was able to receive it.  If you would like one and didn't get it, please email me to request one, at WhypDancer@Canes4pain.com

Summer arrived here in SW Florida. It doesn't quite correspond to the calendar version of summer (starting June 21).  Our daily 4:00 thunderstorms have been occuring early (2:00-ish) and they repeat later in the afternoon.  This has slowed me down on finishing the Sanibel Beach Canes and other things I'm working on.  Hopefully our weather will settle down to its normal sauna-like steaminess with rain at the same time each day, soon.

I am not doing my usual vending summer tour this year.  The plan is to stay here and work on some major cane projects.  Will post photos when they are ready.

New batches of British School Canes are ready. They are beautiful.  The small Nursery Canes are perfect for any part of the body because they don't penetrate deeply into tissue, but they have a lot of sting.  There are also the Junior Canes, Senior, and Disciplinary Canes.  All can be seen on the Wickedly Traditional page of the site.

 They're back! 
The very popular Bamboo Birch Rods are back on the Wickedly Traditional page.


5/12/2014:                   **NEW**
A new addition to the TNT (Thick N Thuddy) line!

I'm seeing spots!  This new TNT Cane design is beautiful with its burned-in Leopard Spots and complimentary glossy black handle.  Now up for adoption HERE on the Wickedly Traditional page, about halfway down.

Also, I have two 2014 Sting Sets in Black, that are 15" instead of 18".  These will be on the Specials page at a discount.

Last week was challenging!  I returned home from vending at Boardwalk Badness Weekend, in NJ and had a flat tire the next morning.  I tried to change it myself, but couldn't loosen even the first lug nut and couldn't find help.  Next day, I drove it to the tire place a few blocks away. I  had to get to the post office, pick up my pet Oskie from the kennel, etc.  Ruined the tire, when a simple repair would have been fine  :-(

Next day, I awoke to the sound of water running on the other side of the house.  Hot water pipe in ceiling of my home dungeon broke and flooded half my house (and work space!).  Had to drag all rattan and canes into the yard.  I can't imagine what it looked like to neighbors.  I  have a LOT of rattan in all stages of completion.  So thankful the weather was hot and sunny!  Everything dried in a few days.

Everything is fine now (afraid to say that!), and looking forward to finishing last week's shipping today.  Then I'll be in the design studio!  YAY! My favorite part of my "job" at Canes4pain!! 

I decided not to travel out of state for vending this summer, as I usually do.  I am overjoyed at the thought of staying here all summer designing new canes and working with my fans to get you the most fabulous canes possible!



36" of beautifully finished cane with curved, tapered handle
Limited edition ow available on the Wickedly Traditional Page

4/16/2014:  All seven colors of Glossy Handled Canes AND British School Canes are now ready!  I restocked everything and even have a new cane to show off!  YAY!  Lovely canes-- all of them.  YUMM!

4/8/2014:  Everything is moving along nicely. I am in the midst of restocking the 7 different colors of glossy handled canes. 

Pondering the next steps on a very intricate cane project. Can't wait to get back to "work" on it!  131 faceted gemstones will form the center of a rose... can't wait to master the skills needed to complete it.   Very nervous about applying my acetylene torch to heat-treated sapphires.  I have some gloop to apply to them that is supposed to protect them up to 5000 degrees.  Will test one soon.  Hopefully it will work!

3/27/2014:  I returned from vending in RI with the flu.  Spent a week or so in bed-- no choice. I was dizzy every time I tried to stand up.  Delighted to say that shipping is now current.  Thank you to my patient, understanding customers! Love you guys!

Spent way too much on a new cell phone while I was ill. Old phone couldn't be updated, wouldn't read my Square credit card reader, wouldn't take pics anymore, etc.  A week after new phone's arrival, it fell in the toilet and died. It was definitely not a fan of golden showers LOL  So, I have a new, temporary phone and phone number- 239-971-8469  The new phone is (supposed to be) waterproof...

Loved seeing everyone in RI.  So happy to be back home in FL and back to work on canes!

2/23/2014: Oh, look!  Another video starring my canes!  This time in the hands of Ms Servalan from Australia.  This is an excellent video showing some very good pointers on learning how to cane people. 


I will be making a quick trip to Warwick, RI to vend at NELA's Fetish Fair Fleamarket.  I hope to see many friends and fans there!   Will be flying there on March 7 & returning very late on Sunday, March 9. Orders received that weekend will be shipped on Monday or Tuesday, March 10-11.  No shipping delays of more than one day!  Pray for nice weather & brisk sales :-)

2/18/2014: Came across this today: http://www.xvideos.com/video5447127/caning

It is a lovely video of one of my original fans, Ms. Venus Devine, giving somebody 500 cane strokes.  I made all canes in the video.  The first cane in the video is a Crown Jewels Cane from around 2002.  It is topped with a Quartz pyramid and has lots of sterling silver that catches the light nicely.  Then she uses a thick  Whangee Cane. It warms my heart to see my canes in flight :-)  :-)  :-)

2/6/2014: This year's LOVE Canes are on the Crown Jewels page!

1/24/2014:  If you'd like a special gift for Valentines day, it will be here in just a few more days!  LOVE Canes coming soon!  I am putting the finishing touches on them today, then have to apply the final clear coating, give them their final spa treatment (oil bath), photo them and show them all to you on the Crown Jewels page of the website!  It sounds like a lot, I know!  I expect them to be ready for viewing on the site on Monday or Tuesday.

There will be some very ornate LOVE Canes, and some that are less "extreme".  I still have not decided how to finish the very tippy tops of them.  Have been considering a wartenburg pinwheel atop each, but that means a whole lot of tiny pin pricks in my fingers by the time I finish them.  Don't yet know if I'm up to it  LOL 

Stay tuned...!   I will announce and show them here very soon!

1/18/2014 NEW!  2014 Sting Sets are now on the Specials & Royal Pains pages, and two new canes were added to the Crown Jewels page.  Sting Sets are great for light play, or for people that  new to this.  The Crown Jewels are spectacular with a lot of silver, and each has seven wartenburg pinwheels at the top!  Somebody is going to have a blast with these new items!  LOVE Canes are coming very soon!

1/8/2014 Saw this today and feel it expresses perfectly what goes on here.  Sincere thanks to all of you!!!

THANK YOU for your support, everyone! Love you!

1/7/2014 Happy new year, everyone!  I've been working on the 2014 LOVE Canes!  It will be a VERY limited special edition this year.  Coming very soon to the Canes4pain website.  I've been working on them daily, but they are not ready for photos yet.  Putting finishing touches on them and three other Crown Jewels Canes. 

Thank you for your support in 2013, and looking forward to getting you some awesome canes in 2014!

12/29/2013  Working on Valentines Day Canes and on finishing a few custom orders and several Crown Jewels Canes that I started months ago.  Hope to have it all finished soon.  Have a fantastic and safe New Year! 

So far, it's been an incredibly busy fun holiday season here at Canes4pain!  I've been happily shipping your orders with a special free cane, and they're gift wrapped.  The WOW factor is really up there!  All of the canes are impressively beautiful and perfectly functional, whether a Bare Cane, colored Glossy Handled Cane, or custom work of Crown Jewels art! 

Compliments, thanks and photos are rolling in!   Your comments probably make me at least as happy as my canes make you!  Thank you so very much for brightening my days!  If you have a photo of your new canes in their new home or wherever (fetlife?), please send a link so I can see, too!  I love seeing my canes in their happy new lives. My Fetlife name is WhypDancer, and my best email addy for photos and comments is WhypDancer@aol.com 

Most orders are being shipped the day I receive your order.  If they need a final oil treatment, they are shipped the next day.

I am well stocked and ready for your order!  Shipping times are consistent so far at 2-3 days for delivery in the US.  International shipping depends on the service selected, from around 3 weeks for first class (starting at $15) to 3-5 days for express.

I have new Sting Sets ready.  Will try to photo them and show them on the site later today.  They include a mini rattan birch rod with colored tips that match their stinging 7mm Glossy Handled Cane.  They are perfect for the areas of the body that don't normally get caned.  They pack lots of sting, without doing the "damage" of the larger canes.  Small and easy to transport, too.  Can't wait to hear the reviews of them!

    Holiday Specials

11/30/2013: Today is Small Business Saturday!  American Express will give you a $10 credit off any purchase at Canes4pain for anybody that registered for this at www.shopsmall.com .  And Canes4pain will give you (and everybody!)  a free cane with any purchase. Last year people were still able to register for this until around ten in the morning

The free cane give away canes are really nice!  You will love yours, I'm sure!!

11/25/2013: Wishing you & yours a VERY happy holiday season!  All orders will receive a complimentary cane that will add rosy red warmth & stripes to your holiday!  It is guaranteed to make *somebody* merry!  All canes will arrive gift wrapped with Cane or Naughty or Nice wrapping paper. Perfect for yourself or anyone! 

American Express Small Business Saturday:  Canes4pain is again participating in Small Business Saturday.  On Saturday, November 30, American Express Cardholders will receive a $10 credit on any purchase here of $10 or more.  Nice gift from Amex! $10 off a cane or shipping, or whatever!  Register your card at www.ShopSmall.com to receive the $10.

Fast Shipping:  Orders shipped within the US will be insured, with 2-3 day service, through the US Post Office.  Orders shipped in other countries have choices- First Class (2-3 week delivery time) starting at $20, or Global Priority (6-8 day delivery time) from $40, or Global Express (4-6 day delivery time) from $50.  Shipping prices slightly lower for orders to Canada.  Most orders shipped same day or within 24 hours.  All packaging is discrete.


November 20:  All the new canes are getting rave reviews and are being adopted into many homes.  I either misplaced or ran out of British School Nursery Canes.  Will have a new batch ready around Friday of this week.  Could swear I had 15 or so, but can't find them.  Did they get adopted that quickly?  These elusive little stingers can be found on the Wickedly Traditional page.

November 11: We express our sincerest gratitude to the men, women, and families who served our country and defend our freedom.  Happy Veterans Day!

November 7, 2013:  Just completed new batches of British School Canes (from the Wickedly Traditional page) and Glossy Handled Canes in Black, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Pink.  Will have Burgundy and Hunter Green finished by week's end.  They are all beautiful!  Our cooler, dryer weather makes the process take longer, but the finish on the handles is exquisite!  Smooth with ridges for a perfect grip and control! Glossies can be found on the Royal Pains (in the Butt!) page.

Also finished Butt Beaters and 13mm & 16mm massive canes in black.  Doing finishing touches on all of the Rattan Birch Rods.  They will be finished today-- Black, Black & Blue, Black & Red, Black & Purple  all ready to sting!

October 26: I expect to be finished today with the descriptions & ordering buttons for the new canes in the Crown Jewels Fall/Winter Collection (spring/summer for my Australian fans?).  If you looked at that page recently, be sure to refresh your browser's image to see the updates.  Will make small updates all day until it is finished.

Spent a few hours at a Gem Show yesterday and fell in love with some gorgeous faceted pink tourmaline hearts & something new- azure titanium coated kyanite.  Some day these stones will find their way to a cane handle.   :-)

October 24:  It was a fantastic weekend at DomCon Atlanta.  Loved seeing everyone and being immersed in constant praise for my work!  I even got to play at the Ms Whip's 1763 dungeon. Today will be spent updating the Crown Jewels page of the site with the new Fall/Winter Collection.  I hope you LOVE the new canes!

October 18:  Fifteen new Crown Jewels Canes debuted at DomCon Atlanta yesterday.  They received MANY compliments and one was already adopted to a new home!  They will appear on the site in a few days.  Here is a sneak peek of three :

These new canes are sharp! Do you agree?

October 17:  The new Crown Jewels Canes are finished!  The new batch of Glossy Handled Canes is finished!  All are beautiful.  I know you'll LOVE them! These fine disciplinary canes are ready to make their mark in your life!  Can't wait to show them to you!

The new canes will debut at DomCon Atlanta this weekend, and will be on the website next week.  If you need a gift for yourself or a special someone before then, feel free to email and I can help you make your selection.

Shipping has been super busy lately.  Canes are traveling all over the world.  Thank you for all the fantastic feedback!  So happy to be able to add some happiness and fun to your lives!  :-)

September 26:  New British School Canes & Glossy Handled Canes in 8 colors are ready!  In spite of the incessant rain and flooding in the last week, they are finished!  Still working on completing the new Crown Jewels Canes.

September 5:   If you know somebody that wants to give a gift that will leave a lasting impression, send them here!  Pleased to announce that I've been having a great time in the design studio, working on canes for the fall/winter season.

August 23: Good news for overseas fans!  Canes4pain now offers First Class shipping, starting at $15, in addition to Global Priority & Global Express. They say it takes about two weeks to arrive. I am currently testing to confirm the speed.

It was exciting week shipping & working in the design studio. I am working on new Crown Jewels Canes for the fall/winter seasons.

August 10:   Tidied up the Crown Jewels Collection page and updated the Cane Gallery by adding new photos of one-of-a-kind canes.

July 11: I'm back in Florida for the rest of the summer, and am thrilled to be back on my "regular" schedule of speedy shipping, working on new cane designs, etc.

I am delighted that I will now have time to fuss over new cane styles, complete custom cane orders and design new Crown Jewels Canes.

Website sales have been brisk so far this summer (THANK YOU!!) This seems to be Traditional Birch Rod week, with many orders for these nasty items that I can't stand used on me.

Many thanks for your appreciation of my work!

July 2:  I am "up north" for an extended July 4th weekend  so I can vend at TESFest in NJ

June 16:  Wow, an unusually high number of Whangee and American Horror Story Canes were shipped last week.  I hope everyone enjoys them! 

Currently putting finishing touches on a new batch of Rattan Birch Rods.  Black & Purple, Black & Blue, Black & Red, and all Black fully stocked for the summer.  They can be found in the Royal Pains Collection HERE.

blkpurpbirch.jpg (8202 bytes)
Black & Purple Rattan Birch Rod

These Rattan Birch Rods are popular because they are fairly light and can be used to add lots of sting without leaving marks. They don't penetrate the skin like full-sized canes, so you can use them pretty much anywhere on the body without doing the same "damage". I'd stay away from eyes though! They can be found in the Royal Pains Collection in a variety of color combinations.  I make them in very small batches because they are so labor intensive. 

Maybe these are the wrong implement to tell you about on a week when the much more intense Whangee and American Horror Story Canes are so much in demand  :-)  The new Sanibel Beach Canes will be ready soon, too!

June 8:  They're ready!  The descriptions, payment buttons and photos of the new Crown Jewels Collection canes are finished.  YAY!  See them here:  Crown Jewels Collection

June 5, 2013;  Working on adding the new canes to the Crown Jewels Collection.  Photos of them are now on the Crown Jewels page. Descriptions & ordering buttons will be coming in the next few days. I hope you like them! 

I have a new, lovely *pink* colored handle available in the Glossy Canes in the Royal Pains Collection. Photos coming soon. It's taken quite a while to find a pink that makes me happy. I think the pink lovers will love it. Hate pink? Cool... there are 7 other colors available for you!

May 20:  I have several new canes that I am photographing and putting in the Crown Jewels Collection.  Am working on that now.  Just received new batch of Whangee and thick rattan for TNT (Thick N Thuddy) and American Horror Story Canes.  

April 28: New batch of Glossy Canes is complete.  The finish on their colored handles is beautiful.  Smooth and pretty, for a good, sure grip!  See them and purchase some HERE .  They are great canes for a wide variety of applications. Easy to use, and will leave marks if used with more finesse.  They are great for everybody-- whether new to canes, or experienced.

Two new Crown Jewels Canes are ready.  I hope to have more soon.

April 2, 2013:  The Canes4pain.com ad for the DomCon 10th Anniversary Program Book is finished. This took quite a bit of effort. My graphic arts/layout/design skills are a bit rusty.  Here is a preview of the ad:

April 4, 2013  Found this lovely photo of Mistress Alexia Jordon holding a 9mm Glossy Cane. Photo by www.ThePlanetDan.com Glossy canes are available in the Royal Pains Collection.

March 24, 2013:  I've been very busy shipping orders around the world, working on custom and Crown Jewels Canes, and taking classes.  Yes, I am again a school girl!  I frequently take classes in silver smithing and jewelry making.  In this class I am concentrating on setting faceted gemstones, for a custom design.

There is a new batch of Crown Jewels Canes in the works. I plan to debut those that are finished at DomCon LA in May.  It feels like a massive undertaking, while working on commissioned pieces, shipping orders, etc.

February 3, 2013: The new LOVE Canes are beautiful.  I know their new owners will LOVE them!  The thinner canes are a little bit under 9mm and have the most exquisite sting and burn.  Heavenly! 

Finished three Crown Jewels Canes this week.  Will work on getting them photo'd and on the site soon.  One is a beautiful amethyst piece, one has great faceted garnets and a large quartz crystal, and one features a sterling silver wolf.  Can't wait to show them off!

January 22: 
BOUND: Just in time for Valentines Day 2013- Now available HERE in the Crown Jewels Collection!

January 19: The 2013 LOVE Canes are photographed!  These exquisite new canes will be ready to ship beginning Tuesday, 1/22.  The perfect gift to yourself, or for Valentines Day or for somebody's special day.  I am working on adding them to the Crown Jewels Collection.  If you have a super-immediate need meanwhile, feel free to call me at whypdancer@aol.com to discuss shipping.

Reminder- if you would like a custom cane in late 2013 or early 2014, this is the time to contact me to discuss it.  My annual shopping trip for gems, silver, etc is rapidly approaching.

January 7, 2013:  Happy new year!  Things are even busier here at Canes4pain from just after new year's eve until after Valentines Day (February 14).  Very special limited edition Love Canes will be ready to show off very soon-- hopefully by the end of this week.  Think brushed silver hearts, etc.  I'm sure you will love the Love Canes!

Just completed a beautiful new batch of British School Canes, and have been working on Crown Jewels Canes in the design studio.  Today is a massive shipping day.  Lots of orders going all around the world.

December 27:  Important Note for Lovers of Crown Jewels Canes
If you would like a custom cane later in 2013 or 2014, please contact me about it *now*. I love making your cane dreams come true! It doesn't happen overnight, though. The start of the process happens now. 

December 26, 2012:  Wow! You kept me on my toes through the holiday season! Thank you! I'm back in the design studio working on Crown Jewels Canes.  I love working on my beautiful works of art. This is a cane top I've been working on.  I don't know what the rest of the cane will look like yet. Stay tuned! 

December 2: Free gift with every order and free shipping upgrades on international orders!  Reviews are coming in and this year's free gifts are a hit!  Canes are flying quickly all over the world, to reach their destinations in time for gift-giving.  Please place your orders by the 17th for delivery in time for Xmas- wherever in the world you reside.  

November 20:   New canes:
The NEW American Horror Story Cane is in the Wickedly Traditional Collection HERE

Scorched/burned TNT Canes are now HERE and HERE in the Wickedly Traditional & Grand Dukes Collections.

November 6: Have been very busy restocking everything.  Just putting finishing touches on a few designs such as Twisted Loopies, Butt Beaters, etc.  All glossy handled and school canes are now in stock and ready to ship.   The rest will be ready tomorrow. The new canes are delicious! Perfectly conditioned and beautiful!  Can't wait to hear everyone's  comments on them! Looking forward to seeing my canes on TV tomorrow night!

November 4:  It was a hot week for Wickedly Traditional Canes!  Singapore Punishment Canes, Whangee Canes, Nursery and Junior British School Canes are now traveling all around the world. 

Canes4pain canes are now being shown on mainstream TV!

Award winning actress, Jessica Lange holding a customized Canes4pain Singapore Punishment Cane. Our canes are now being used on TV show American Horror Story, which airs every Wednesday night at 10 on FX.

October 20:  Finally! I can tell the secret!!  My canes are being used on American Horror Story, a weekly TV show.  It is on FX at 10pm on Wednesdays. There will be 11 episodes. The season debut was last Wednesday and I was thrilled to see my cane babies on TV!  I shipped a selection of canes to Paramount Studios in Hollywood a few months ago and couldn't tell anyone!  The suspense was really getting to me lol

September 22, 2012:  Getting canes ready for the busy fall/winter gift-giving season! 
      Sanibel Beach Canes, affectionately known as "shelly canes"  are ON SALE!  The new shellies will be ready to ship this week! They sold out on the last trip.  This is my way to send a little sunshine to you.  Now available in the Crown Jewels Collection HERE

A great group, Black Rose, is celebrating their 25th anniversary in a few weeks!  I will be vending there.

Canes4pain was accepted to vend at Brimstone on NJ over Thanksgiving weekend.  Looking forward to seeing many of you there!  Was NOT accepted to vend at Beyond Leather in Ft Lauderdale.  You will still have a cane-shopping opportunity in Florida, though!  We will be vending & playing at The Florida Bash in the end of May/early June.

This was a big week for British School Canes (see them  HERE).  There must be a lot of people using them at "Back to School" parties!  Enjoy, and thank you!!!

September 16: Completed a masterpiece today that I've been contemplating for years. It was originally inspired by a friend's exquisite "day collar".  The cane has an unusually long handle covered in pearls.  On that is a sterling silver twig design with faceted blue topaz and iolite gemstones, and, turquoise from Arizona's Sleeping Beauty Mine.  It is topped by a hand carved/shaped blue lapis rose.  I've been pondering the design on this for years.  It is as beautiful as I imagined.  More to come soon-- I've been working in the design studio a lot!

September 10:  Having a great time in the design studio!  Still working on Black Rose Anniversary Canes, and starting on this year's special edition Winter Holiday Canes and other Crown Jewels canes-- these should delight their new owners!!!

Everything else on the site is in stock.  Will do inventory tomorrow to make sure everything is very well stocked for the fall.

 Things were slowed down a bit when the a/c in my house (work space) was not working. Working in my SW Florida home in the middle of summer without a/c was challenging.  It is fixed now, and all is great!

August 24: Delighted to be working on a special cane or two, to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Black Rose! One will have many sparkling gemstones accenting the petals of a rose. If you are able to attend this great event, info is at http://brevent.org Join me there! I am also working on restocking some of the Glossy Canes and Twisted Loopies. They should all be finished this week.

6/9/2012  The new Crown Jewels Canes are now on the Crown Jewels page of the website.  They are beautiful. I hope you enjoy them!

June 6, 2012: Note:  I am currently updating the Crown Jewels Collection.  Photos & ordering buttons of the new additions are there, in case you need one NOW. I will be working on more photos and descriptions this weekend.

New Crown Jewels Collection Canes

Working on several new projects. An instructional caning video with Robert Dr. Bob) Rubel featuring our canes!  More about this soon!  I taught a class on Canes & Caning at the Florida Bash last weekend.  It was a lot of fun and the feedback has been excellent! 

The new batch of Sanibel Beach Canes is impressive!  They seem extra sharp and very pretty.  The new batches of British School Canes, Whangee Canes and Bamboo Birch Rods are ready and can be ordered on the Wickedly Traditional page.

April 28: Have been enjoying sunny days in the design studio, working on new Crown Jewels Canes. They should be ready to show off soon.  Some new cane designs are coming, too!

I recently found this fantastic shot of the marks left by a Whangee Cane.  Photo courtesy of Fetlife user cherished_slave. 

March 21:  Recently enjoyed vending at some fantastic events.  Many thanks to vending staff, volunteers, and organizers!  The canes and I will be doing a quick trip to Beat Me in St Louis next weekend.  Currently booking summer vending travel. I hope to see many of you in person!!!

Here are some photos of the Canes4pain.com vending booth at LF&P at the Crucible in Washington, D.C. on March 10.

Left: Beautiful examples of my custom creations displayed at LF&P. These were on loan from a private collection.

Right: The Glossy Handled Canes, Butt Beaters, and straight canes- part of the Canes4pain.com vending booth at LF&P.

February 25: The new batch of British School Canes started shipping last week. Found on the Wickedly Traditional page, they are lovely!

February 18:  The time leading up to Valentines Day was very busy, as usual!  Many people gave canes as gifts this year! 

Canes4pain.com was a vendor at some fantastic events recently- Southwest Leather Conference, Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Providence, R.I., Dark Odyssey Winter Fire in D.C., social night at Desert Dominion in Tucson, AZ, etc. It was a lot of fun and I love showing off the canes in person and meeting & making new friends and fans!

The new batch of British School Canes will be ready to ship this week. They are strong and beautiful. I'm sure their adoptive parents will love them and put them to good use!

January 29  All of the new canes, including this year's love canes, are on the site!  The Glossy Canes found on the Royal Pains page have been restocked and are perfect!  I added some new photos to the Wickedly Traditional page.

January 24, 2012   This year's (very) limited edition Love Canes are ready! They were introduced last weekend at Southwest Leather Conference (SWLC) in Phoenix and received rave reviews!  Please see them and other works of modern cane art in the Crown Jewels Collection.

January 9, 2012   I am preparing to acquire the cane decorating items needed for the coming year. If you would like a custom design this year, this is absolutely the best time to discuss it with me, even if you have only a vague idea of what you'd like. Please  EMAIL or phone me asap to discuss your vision.

Currently obsessing over this year's Love Canes, which should be shown and released very soon.  There is nothing that compares to spending time at the workbench with silver gleaming and gems sparkling in the sun. Thank you for your appreciation of my efforts!

December 31: Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

Today, December 11, is Canes4pain's 11th anniversary!
It has been an amazing 11 years of spreading joy and red stripes throughout the world! Thank you to our fans! I look forward to giving my personal attention to your order.  Please see our specials below.

They're HERE!!!
2011 Limited Edition Winter Holiday Cane Sets
Now available in the
Crown Jewels Collection

November 27: I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Yesterday was American Express credit card company's "Small Business Saturday".  It was fascinating to watch all the orders come in that were paid for with amex cards during their one-day promotion!

Beautiful Gift Certificates are available on the Specials page!

November 13: The Limited Edition 2011 Winter Holiday Cane Sets are here!!!  They have been photographed and will be available today. Every step in the creation of these exquisite canes took longer than expected. I'm sure you'll agree that it was all well worth it when you see them!

November 7: After months of fussing over this year's Limited Edition Winter Holiday Canes, I am VERY proud to announce these beautiful canes will be ready to be photographed today. There are ten sets with each set containing two canes.  They have a huge range of sensations from sting to burn, with the ability to gently warm the skin, sting, or lay down visible stripes for the holidays. Each set has a cane that is approximately 8mm, and one that is just under 11mm. Some are trimmed with deep purple amethysts, some with rich burgundy garnets, all set off against spectacular silver. I can't wait to show them off and hear your opinions!!!  Some previous years' designs cane be seen HERE. They should be showing in the Crown Jewels Collection tomorrow.

October 29:  Made a quick trip to Orlando yesterday for a gem & jewelry show. I wanted some yellow/orange faceted gemstones to finish a masterpiece I've been working on for years.  I now have a delicious selection of sapphires, spessartite garnets, and citrines that should be perfect. The sapphires range from pale yellow, to a pale orange. The garnets are a spectacular warm orange/yellow color, and the citrines are a nice, sunny yellow. Can't wait to work with them!

But first.. the Limited Edition Winter Holiday Canes!  I am hoping they will be ready to photograph in a few days.  I'm sure these will please the fans of the Crown Jewels Collection canes! 

I completed three custom pieces in the last week or two.  All are very beautiful and will appear in the gallery soon. 

The new batch of Bamboo Birch Rods is here! They can be seen in more detail in the Wickedly Traditional Collection.

Friends (FrankAlbergo) having fun with two Bamboo Birch Rods!

October 1, 2011: I began sprinkling new photos throughout the website. I have many more to add. They are courtesy of Fetlife's PhotoDave, of Assume the Position Studios. I'm loving his photos and he and his models are loving Canes4pain.com canes, so it is working very well! More to come soon!

 This evening (9/28/2011), I discovered that only *some* of the updates I posted here are actually being shown here. I found out that since the June 28th entry, ALL were saved on my hard drive and NOT on the website!  They are  now all here!  (see below)

September 28: I've been having a great time in the design studio! I so love my time creating in there!  I am working on custom orders and hope to see those pieces finished very soon. They include two sterling silver dragons, a huge rose, a hinge on a very special cane, a goddess taming a slithering beast, another goddess... a partridge in a pear tree?? 

I think I figured out the design for this year's Limited Edition Winter Holiday Canes.  I think they'll be spectacular!  Don't even have the first one completed yet, but I think I finally figured it out! Stay tuned for the announcement when they are ready to show off!  If you would like your Winter Holiday Canes customized with a name, initials, or something very personal like that, please write me NOW about it. I plan to have them ready to show off  *soon*  and it is much easier (less labor inten$ive) to do it before the final clear coating is added.

 Looked through my "tub" of faceted gemstones today. Dreaming of doing some stone setting...  maybe in the spring I'll have time. Meanwhile,  Can't wait to show all the new stuff I've been working on!!

I have some excellent photos of people with "my" canes to add to the website... coming soon. And more reviews for the reviews page.  And soon the Crown Jewels Collection will be sparkling with new offerings.

September 18:  Spending this week restocking Glossy Handled Canes in Black, Burgundy, and Green.  Ran out of all three colors because of recent large orders. I strive to keep ALL designs and options offered in stock and ready to ship, but every now and then I run out of something. They will be ready in a few days. Still working on the Limited Edition Winter Holiday Canes for this year and hope to have them ready to show off by month's end. Finishing some custom Crown Jewels commissioned pieces. Can't wait to see all of them completed!

August 19: It was a wonderful summer. I met a lot of you at events, and even took a little "time off" to take some classes and visit family. I have a lot of new things that will be appearing on the site soon. Longer Loopy Canes that have nice, flexible handles, Twisted Loopies (with twisted handles), a new quality of British School Canes, Willow "Birch" Rods in two sizes, Birch Birch Rods in two sizes, and as always I am open to custom orders. There will be new cane sets coming soon too.

June 28, 2011: The new Crown Jewels are being adopted quickly!!!  There are several more Crown Jewels Collection pieces that are spectacular, but not quite finished yet.  It is almost time to begin working on this year's limited edition winter holiday canes. They usually take 2-3 months to complete.  See the current offerings HERE!

June 22, 2011: My dear customers, something dawned on me today. I should have told you... Back in December, I fell and dislocated BOTH of my knees at the same time. I was unable to walk, or sit at my workbench in the design studio, or do much of anything. That is why there were no limited edition Winter Holiday or Valentines Day canes last season. All I could do was lay in bed and whine for about ten weeks. Then I began walking like a 90 year old for several more weeks. Eventually, both knees healed completely. I'm ok now.

 I didn't want to tell anyone at the time. Looking back on it all, I should have admitted it. I'm sure you, my dear fans, were really disappointed there were no limited edition sets, and maybe even thought I gave up on making my beautiful canes. No way in hell!  I just wasn't able to do anything other than lay in bed.  I am back now, healed, and ready to work !  My knees are fine, the sun is shining, and I have a lot of rattan here to work with... 

June 19, 2011:  All of the new Crown Jewels Collection canes are now on the Crown Jewels page, complete with descriptions and payment buttons. Please take a look here: Crown Jewels Collection  Enjoy your tour of the new collection! They were a lot of fun to design and make.

June 11, 2011:  Birch is here for Birch Rods. It was harvested about three weeks ago, so the leaf buds won't open in water, but it will absorb water and soften up nicely. They have a ton of sting, but don't damage the skin very much.

Working on photographing the new Crown Jewels. This has been a very slow process due to new computer with non-compatible operating system. I think it is all straightened out now, so photos will be on the Crown Jewels  soon.

Was a vendor at DomCon LA & The Florida Bash in the last few weeks. Both were great trips!!  Next vending trip will be in mid-July for The Floating World in NJ. Come see me if you are in the area!!

May 17, 2011:  Will the fans that requested a Tigers Eye and a Skull/Pirate Cane please contact me via email.  The new Crown Jewels Canes are finished!  I have several to put on the site. Hoping preliminary pics will be added tonight.

May 12, 2011: New Crown Jewels Canes are almost finished! I have 15 in the works, and they are beautiful! Restocking of the Royal Pains Collection by the end of this weekend. Will be vending at DomCon LA from May 18-21, then rushing home to ship orders. I don't anticipate a shipping slow-down of more than a day or two due to that travel.

January 27, 2011:  Well, here something completely new!  ALL of the Crown Jewels Canes have been sold, other than the Sanibel Beach Canes.  In over ten years of cane-making, this is the first time this happened.  If you would like to be notified of the new designs, please click here to email me.

January 16, 2011:  Happy new year, darling fans!!!  I look forward to delivering the canes of your dreams to you this year. 

December 12: The new Crown Jewels Collection Canes are now being offered. The payment buttons are finished, and most of the descriptions.

I had a "little" mishap last week. I slipped in the shower and spent many hours in the hospital to discover that I dislocated both knees. It is pretty painful, but I got a nice endorphin buzz the first day. Didn't even have to bother anybody to cane me bloody to do it! lol  I am not supposed to be on my feet, so am trying to work in bed with ice on my propped up knees. It is sort of like a non-consensual restraint situation.  After a few days of staying off my feet, I am itching to get back to work sanding and fussing over the canes. 

November 26: I will return home from this unexpected trip on Sunday, November 28, and will resume shipping on Monday! Can't wait to get the canes flying around the world !

November 7:  NEW CANES!! Working on adding 5 or 6  new canes to the Crown Jewels Collection today. 

October 29: I'm off to the Orlando Gem Show today to find the finishing touches for the limited edition 2010 Winter Canes. They need just a little something, and will be finished soon!

There are six new Crown Jewels Canes ready for the collection. Will try to get them on the site this weekend.

Displayed the canes at DomCon Atlanta earlier this month. It was a great weekend of teaching and meeting friends and fans! Thank you to all who were there!

September 12: There are some beautiful new canes ready for the Crown Jewels Collection! One in Amethyst and Sterling, and one in Moonstone and Sterling. I hope to have the photos ready for the website soon!

I recently returned from vending at The Floating World in NJ, and visiting family in PA. I was able to go into New York City to shop in some jewelers' supply stores and look at some incredible works of art in Tiffany and various antique stores.  I now have some new tools and metals to make new designs dance on the ends of the canes!

I have been pondering the designs for this year's Winter Holiday special edition canes and hope to have them ready in a month or so. I think a lot of gleaming silver will brighten everyone's holiday this year! More details soon...

July 31: Returned from vending at Thunder in the Mountains last week and came down with a cold the next day. That slowed down my work on new canes and shipping. Everything is ok now. I'm feeling better and am back to work. Three Crown Jewels canes were adopted to new homes at Thunder, so I have very few to offer now. I am again working on new designs. Everything else on the website is well stocked.

May 16: DomConLA was a great event!  I had a lot of compliments on my work. That inspires me to rush home and make more canes :)  Met some great people, and saw a lot of fans. Canes4pain canes will be staring in some new movies very soon! I can' t wait to see them!

May 5:  Canes4pain is well stocked now. I am working on Crown Jewels Canes and shipping this week. I am shipping all around the world today :-)  Started a cane design with a large sterling silver snake guarding a mass of quartz crystals, all to be set atop stingray skin. The cane was inspired by a pretty sea shell I found on the beach. When I picked it up, I found that it had a crab guarding it. He would not let me have the shell.

I also began a cane with a sterling dragon, and a long quartz crystal on top, held up by a beautifully detailed sterling piece.

April 18:  It has been an interesting few weeks!  Zillions of canes got shipped all over the world, I restocked from all those orders, sold out again, and just finished restocking with another zillion straight canes, loopy canes, twisted loopy canes, rattan butt beaters, etc. So, Canes4pain is now fully stocked! Whew! I expect these to last a couple months.  Because of this restocking and full shipping days, my progress on the new Crown Jewels was delayed. I hope to get back to work on them asap. I have so many great new designs in mind, and several have been started...

Guess what I did to the new batch of Senior School Canes??  I cut all of them an inch short! They are only 32 inches long, instead 33", and I don't have time to make more until late next week. I will be giving a discount on them until this small batch is sold. (probably two weeks)  If you want one, and don't mind them being an inch shorter, order now. They are exquisitely flexible and quite worthy.  I'm lucky I don't work for somebody else!  I would probably be fired for this lol  Its good to be the boss sometimes! (The shorties are sold out)

The willow branches for the Governess Birch Rods are growing! I put them in water because they are fresh, and the buds opened and leaves are opening and growing. This is probably not a big deal to my fans in the north, but we don't have willow here.  These have an exquisite degree of sting and burn.. yumm!!! 

March 24:  ***NEW***  Willow Birch Rods!  

Two versions- The Standard Willow Rod, which is 24 to 30" long, and the Governess Rod, which is a full four feet long! Both made of Fresh Willow Branches, nicely flexible and full of whoosh.  They are straight and easy to use accurately. These have an exquisite degree of sting and burn. After testing them today, I am in love! Now available in the Wickedly Traditional Collection.  

February 28: It is almost spring! I can't wait to finish the new crown jewels canes and show them off! It is good to be home. I can enjoy time in the design studio now! There are some very challenging and fun custom cane designs to work on, and the spring collection, and shipping, etc.  I can't wait to hear the comments on the new canes when they are ready to be presented to my fans!!  Just completed a fresh batch of Sting Sets in hot pink and black, Butt Beaters, and School Canes.

 February 17: I am home! Vending at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket in Providence, RI last weekend was very exciting!  Cane fans swarmed my vending booth all weekend long. I had a great time helping them select canes, and giving advice on care and use when requested. I expect to have the new Crown Jewels Spring Collection ready to display in 8 weeks. I will be working on several custom canes during this time, too.

February 10, 2010:  During my Tucson trip I was able to take six classes on metal smithing and jewelry making. I will use the techniques in upcoming cane designs. I met and spoke at great length to the inventor of Argentium Silver- a great "new" kind of silver that is more easy to solder, and doesn't tarnish! I think it will be great to work with. Instead of being 7.5% copper, it has Germanium in it. Germanium doesn't tarnish as easily.

I spoke to my favorite designer of hammers, Bill Fretz, and a well known instructor of chasing and repousse, Valentin Yotkov.  I hope to take classes from him in the future.  I also met several jewelry designers who produce some very impressive work. It was great speaking to them!

 I gathered some new sterling pieces, and a lot of inspiration on my trip. I hope to get right back to work on the Crown Jewels Spring Collection when I return home!  I look forward to showing off the results of my travels!

February 5:  I am in Tucson, browsing the huge gem & jewelry shows, attending classes, and gathering inspiration. I can't wait to show you what I've learned and purchased! I will be vending in Providence, RI next week at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket. I look forward to showing off the canes there, and meeting lots of fans!!  I have the full line of canes with me and am shipping daily while on this trip.

It was love at first sight when I recently saw stingray skin  for the first time.  I bought some right away to use on a very special set of cane handles.  Today, as I wandered through the AGTA gem show, surrounded by the most opulent gems and jewelry in the world , I noticed many jewelry designers are now using this beautiful skin. I love the black, pebbled texture, and can't wait to show how it looks on a cane handle!!

January 26:  We are unveiling quite a few new items! They are all on the website now, and all ordering buttons should be working. I rebuilt a lot of the buttons this morning.  The Love Canes are ready, in time for Valentines Day. They can be seen in the Crown Jewels Collection. There are two designs- one with faceted amethyst gemstones, and one with polished garnet gemstones. (The Garnet Love Canes are sold out, as of 1/26. Amethyst Love Canes in 9mm & 10mm only are still available)

There will also be a Valentines Day design with a black handle, accented with a Swarovski crystal heart. Selling price will be well under $100. They will be on the website in a few days.

Headmaster Canes  are now available on the Wickedly Traditional page. They are very wicked. These canes are long, thick, and very wicked.

Rattan Butt Beaters- compact and easy to carry and use, with tons of sting. Now showing on the Royal Pains page.

Sting Sets: also compact and easy to carry, perfect for the more delicate areas of the body!Available in hot pink and black on the Royal Pains page.

And I added a new photo of the Glossy Canes on the Royal Pains page. It is below.

January 18, 2010:
Love Canes
, 2010 Limited Edition~
I have been working on this year's Love Canes, which will be available in the Crown Jewels Collection in the next few days.  They will make perfect Valentines Day gifts. 

There will be two versions. One stunning design with a lot of sterling silver and black druzy hearts, available in three thicknesses.  The other design will feature Swarovski Crystal Hearts. Between the two designs, there will be canes for every taste and budget.  There will be ten canes available of each design.

January 2, 2010: Happy New Year!!!
love the new shopping cart! It is very easy to use and has performed perfectly so far!

December 30, 2009: Hurray! Canes4pain has a new shopping cart, and it is working! It took me about 35 hours in two days, and it is finished!!  :-)  I tweaked a lot of things on the site, and moved the Multi Lash Rattan Birch Rods over to the Royal Pains page. The new shopping cart is very nice and easy to use. 

December 29, 2009:  The Canes4pain shopping cart is under construction. I had to replace our shopping cart with a new one when our previous version died. I am unable to get support to repair it, so I am replacing all  payment buttons on the site using a new shopping cart. This unexpected project is proving to be the wrong kind of pain in the ass. I was really looking forward to working on the spring collection for the Crown Jewels Collection, and some custom pieces. I expect the new cart to be completely functional tomorrow (Wednesday, 12/30/09).

So far, the Wickedly Traditional, the  Royal Pains, and Crown Jewels pages' shopping cart payment buttons are finished and working. If you want to order canes on other pages, please email me or call me at whypdancer@aol.com Be sure to leave a message with your callback number & best time to call if I don't answer., and I will enter your info into the system manually. Thank you for your patience and understanding. It will be very nice when complete, and I am working on it! Making beautiful new canes is so much more enjoyable than rebuilding something that shouldn't need to be rebuilt!

***December 24, 2009***

The website's shopping cart has a "headache". Please call me at whypdancer@aol.com Be sure to leave a message with your callback number & best time to call if I don't answer.  I love speaking to my fans and look forward to your call, and to getting some great canes delivered to you!

Happy Holidays!

December 2, 2009:
** Special  on Holiday Shipping**

From now until the new year, to ensure your fabulous new canes get to you quickly, shipping on all international orders will be upgraded to Express Mail, at no additional charge. You pay for Priority shipping ($23 for the first item, $2 for each additional), and I will upgrade it so it arrives in 4-6 days to any country in the world. 

Domestic US orders will save too!  I am lowering the cost of Priority Mail shipping so your canes arrive in 1-3 days, to $3 for the first item shipped, and an additional $1 for each additional. All orders include package tracking!  All items are gift wrapped, and ready to create the great red holiday stripes we're famous for!

November 26, 2009: Happy Thanksgiving to my friends in the US!

November 16, 2009:  I was recently interviewed for the True Switch blog, which belongs to one of my spanking friends.  Here is a link to my interview:  True Switch Blog  

November 8. 2009:  I am on my way home from my final vending event of the year, and am really looking forward to working on new canes all month.

October 20, 2009:  The Winter Holiday Canes have been very well received.  There are only two (one set) still available.  Canes are flying all around the world right now, with our super-fast shipping.

October 2, 2009:  Introducing... the numbered limited edition Winter Holiday 2009 series, Starlight, and Pele's Mace, which are all showing in the Crown Jewels Collection now!  All very beautiful works of functional cane art.

September 29, 2009: New canes!! The Winter Holiday 2009 canes are almost ready! The should appear on the website by the end of the week! I'm really looking forward to showing them off. I've been contemplating this design for seven months!

September 24, 2009:  I am working on new Crown Jewels Canes for the fall and winter gift-giving season. Two are finished. One is designed with faceted peridot gemstones and a lot of silver. The other is a double cane- a 9mm and a 10mm cane, all in one. The two rattan pieces were selected so they have the same flexibility and will travel at the same speed, for a nice, double strike :) That cane has a platinum druzy stone with a woman in the moon. Both can be seen in the Crown Jewels Collection soon.  The limited edition Winter Holiday Canes are in the works and will be ready very soon, as well as several other designs.

August 25, 2009:  It was a very busy summer. I loved being surrounded by my adoring fans at the events where I was a vendor.  All the attention made me very eager to work on new Crown Jewels canes for the fall/winter season. I am working on some spectacular things!  I can't wait to show you!

 Response has been positive to the new designs I spoke about below. I am looking forward to showing the new styles on the website soon.

July 12, 2009: Things have been very busy here!  I am completing new Glossy Canes, Whangee Canes, and Rattan Birch Rods. We have some new colors that will be introduced next weekend at Thunder in the Mountains. I added Metallic Copper colored Glossy Handled Canes (found on the Royal Pains page) , and a "Sting Set" of a small rattan birch rod and loopy cane. The Sting Set is now available in Black and Hot Pink. 

I now have Rawhide Canes, Headmaster School Canes, and offer Rattan Canes with the bark still on.
April 2, 2009: The new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection are ready! I am putting them on the website now. 

I just returned from delivering a cane, and vending in Washington, DC at The Crucible's LF&P.  The weekend was a blast! Thank you to everyone I came in contact with, for your support, encouragement, and inspiration! 

Here is a little peek  at the cane I delivered in DC.  Posting the photo here seems appropriate for spring, since the Lillies bloom in early spring.  Many times people ask how long it takes to make a cane. This one took two years! This Lily of the Valley Cane was once a flat sheet of sterling silver, and sterling wire.  Each floret has a tiny pearl in it, and the whole piece tinkles and jingles when the sterling florets and pearls strike each other. You should see  and hear it in person! 

February 28: I just completed a new batch of the Glossy Canes in the Royal Pains Collection. We are now fully stocked in three or more thicknesses in each of five colors :)

I have a great supply of fragrant birch on hand for this season's Traditional Birch Rods, and am finishing up some beautiful Crown Jewels Canes.

February 21: Meet the artist & get some great canes:
I will be showing my work at the upcoming
LF & P at the Crucible in Washington, D.C. on March 14. It will be my first time there.

I am now working on restocking designs that sold out during the holidays, and am beginning new Crown Jewels pieces. I have lots of new things to work on! New Dragons, Scary Monster Faces, Goddesses, Fairies, Flowers, Butterflies, gemstones, stones, silver, etc... there will be some spectacular new canes soon. I am working on some commissioned pieces now. This is the time to put in your request, if you'd like one.

My gemstone setting classes in Tucson were very informative, and I am still taking classes here in Florida, where I live. I call it all "advanced canemaking class". Thank you to all my instructors over the years for your patience, expertise, assistance and willingness to teach me even though my line of work is a bit "off-beat".

January 22:  The beautiful new Love Canes are almost gone. There are only two left.  I wish I had one for myself.. sulking.  They are in the Crown Jewels Collection. I can't believe our humidity is only 28% today. If your canes are in a dry climate with humidity like that, please give them some moisture. Proper hydration will keep them making pretty stripes for a long time to come.  I think I'll start designating January as "Hydrate your cane month".

January 9, 2009: The new Love Canes are ready, and can be seen in the Crown Jewels Collection. The feature a 4-5ct faceted red/pink heart shaped Topaz gemstone set in an ornate sterling silver piece. It is a special limited edition of six pieces.


They'd make a perfect Valentines Day gift for that special someone, or yourself.

Reminder- if you are considering commissioning a custom cane in 2009, please contact me asap so we can discuss the design.

January 4, 2009: Happy new year!  The 2009 "Love Canes" are almost ready! The limited edition handle design is totally unlike anything else I've made to date. You will love them. I expect to be showing them on the Crown Jewels page tonight or tomorrow night.

December 18: I wish you the greatest holiday season and new year ever!! Many thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support!  Canes4pain� canes have been flying all over the country and world.  I feel like Santa's elf!

Canes4pain.com friend, Born, with Santa & Whangee Cane

If you would like a custom cane made in 2009, this is the time to put in your request.  I expect to be free to begin custom designs around March or April.

I started designing the 2009 "love canes," the special limited edition canes with a Valentines Day theme. Faceted pinky/red Topaz hearts set in sterling on an ornate sterling background. I think they'll be beautiful. They should be available in the Crown Jewels Collection in about three weeks.

I plan to change the Canes Gallery somewhat. I will be making three separate galleries.  One of previously purchased Crown Jewels designs, one of custom designed commissioned pieces ( there are very few shown in the present Gallery- there are many more that are not there), and another with displays of canes, portraits of people with them, and the marks they've left.  If you have any photos you would like me to include, please send them! Comments are always welcome for the Reviews page, too!

I found this fantastic review of my work on Ms Veronica Vinyl's website. She is a fantastic artist. I hope to have some of her work someday!  Here is a link to her review... the comments under it are great too :)  House of Sissify- Canes4pain� review

Commissioned Cane commemorating BR2008.
More photos of this very special piece in Cane Gallery

November 21:
The new Sanibel Beach Canes will be ready to ship on Monday. I've been experimenting with them and was surprised at how easy they are to clean! They've stirred up a LOT of controversy where I've shown them. You can now place your order in the Crown Jewels Collection. Here are sneak peek photos of them:

November 15: I had the honor of feeling one of this year's Limited Edition Jingle Bells Canes while at Black Rose. It was great! These highly accurate canes impart an exquisite combination of sting and burn. They can be found in the Crown Jewels Collection.  Here is a photo of them:

I am working on a new cane series that has a beach theme.


There are three versions, in wicked, more wicked, and extremely wicked models. The wicked version has sand collected from nearby Sanibel Island. The more wicked version  has a rougher grade of sand with some seashell matter in it. The extremely wicked version is mainly sharp shards of broken shells. All securely attached to a wicked 9mm (5/16") thick dense, accurate rattan cane-- the kind that made Canes4pain famous. These canes will bring "as wicked as they are beautiful" to a new level. Here is a sneak peak of the prototypes that are now in testing. If you would like to reserve one of the first available, please email me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com. They will be ready very soon.

(All sand and shells for these were collected on Sanibel Island, which is off the coast of Fort Myers, Florida (where I live). Sanibel is known as one of the top five beaches in the world for gathering seashells)

October 5:  This year's limited edition canes to celebrate the winter holidays are finished. There are two designs, both with long, pure silver handles- all designed on superbly balanced, dense 9-10mm canes. These are sure to add a lot of warmth to the holidays! They are accented with Garnet gemstones that are they rich burgundy color of dried blood, and there are sterling silver accents on the pure silver handle, etc etc.. They can now be seen in the Crown Jewels Collection.

September 30:I am currently finishing up the Limited Edition Winter Holiday Canes for 2008. They are very elegant., and should be finished, photographed, and ready to ship around the end of this week. It looks like there will be 3 of one design and 4 of another.  They have pure silver handles, garnet gemstone accents.. I think they will be adopted to new homes quickly. I am also working on other new Crown Jewels canes. I love doing this very creative work!  

I've been getting the most wonderful comments and compliments on my work :) It's kind of like getting a report card with straight A's.  I found a beautiful photo of a fan holding a Whangee Cane too. I was just zipping around the internet and there it was. I love coming across photos of my cane babies with their happy new families... especially early on Monday mornings. I will update the reviews page soon with new comments and photos.

September 22:  The counter on the home page of Canes4pain turned over to 350,000 last week! It feels like something that should be celebrated! Thank you, everyone, for your support and compliments.

I am working on a special limited edition cane design for the winter holiday season in the Crown Jewels Collection. I am also working on more Crown Jewels canes for the gift giving (christmas/valentines day) season.

I've been getting some great feedback from happy cane users, and will post some new comments on the reviews page soon.

August 24: Wow! Its been busy here!  Canes4pain was featured in a live spotlight interview by radio station BMRX . That was a lot of fun! They are going to send me a copy of the interview so I can post it here on the site for everyone to hear. Many "cane babies" were adopted to new homes. I had to scurry around and get my house ready for the potential hurricane/tropical storm Fay. Luckily it was "just" a tropical storm when it blew through town. I lost a lot of palm fronds and some fruit from the trees, but all is ok. I think I've heard enough wind and thunder for this year. Looking forward to a nice cool dry autumn, winter, and spring.  I plan to be back in cane production this week. I will be starting some new canes for the fall and winter season's Crown Jewels Collection- including this year's special Limited Edition canes, and I am restocking Rattan Birch Rods (seen on the Multi-Canes page), and Black Glossy Canes (in the Royal Pains Collection). Thank you to everyone for your well wishes during the storm and my recent birthday, and of course, thank you for your orders and emails full of glowing reports of your canes dancing over people's skin. It is an honor and a pleasure to supply you with these fine implements :)

August 10: The canes and I will be traveling to Fetish Con in Tampa next weekend. It has been years since the canes have been offered at a large event in Florida. It should be a lot of fun showing them off and seeing friends and fans. Come say hi if you go! This week will be spent shipping and working on Rattan Birch Rods- wonderful little multiple lash rattan floggers. They have lots of sting. That should keep me busy. They are very labor intensive.

I will be hosting our annual Back to School Play Party on September 5 in Ft Myers, Fl. If you would like info or an invitation, please email me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com . My birthday party Friday night was lots of fun. I had about 42 billion spanks, smacks, cane strokes, etc.

August 3: Wow, Thunder in the Mountains was great last weekend. It was so nice seeing everyone.  Last week I caught up on making School Canes in preparation for all the "Back to School" themed parties coming up in the fall.

July 10:  If you would like a very special cane custom made for you for Christmas 2008 or Valentines Day 2009  delivery, now is the time to discuss it with me.  I am now accepting custom orders, but only for a short time.  We are well stocked and have all canes ready for immediate shipping in the Royal Pains, Wickedly Traditional, and Multi-Canes Collections.

June 18:   I am back from visiting family in PA and am looking forward to my cane work! I have so much to do! A ton of shipping, website updates, new canes, etc. The canes in the Royal Pains, Wickedly Traditional, and Multi-Canes collections are all fully stocked and ready to ship. So are the beautiful pieces in the Crown Jewels Collection, even though I haven't yet completed the descriptions for those. If you have any questions on them, please email me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com, or call me at whypdancer@aol.com Be sure to leave a message with your callback number & best time to call if I don't answer.(7am to 7pm eastern time, please!)

June 4:  I'm a very proud canemaker :-)  One of my fans from the Netherlands sent me this yesterday.  pet and his Mistress, Lady Charlotte, have a fine collection of my work that they've been gathering over the years.  Below is the photo and email he sent me.

***First Place, 2008 OWK Best Whipped Ass***

We won!!

My Mistress won, on my ass, the "OWK 2008 best whipped
ass" with your twisted loopy canes!!

(OWK=Other world Kingdom, http://www.owk.cz  )

It was a competition with the biggest names in
the Domina world and we won with our secret weapon the
twisted loopy cane!

We will get back to you soon to think of a new idea
for next year, but for now I leave you to enjoy the
winning ass



P.s....compliments from my Mistress as she is very

May 23: I have a fresh batch of Birch for our Birch Rods! Yumm!  Birch Rods can be found in the Wickedly Traditional Collection.   In the next several days, I will be completing the descriptions for the new Crown Jewels Collection.

Looks like a party! These are a few of the new canes.

May 3:  The photos of the new Crown Jewels Collection are up. Reviews have been great so far. I am working on the descriptions and order buttons. If there is one you want, either email me or use the order button. I will complete this as quickly as possible.

May 1:  Photos of the new canes are ready to put on the website. I will be working on it today. I think they really look great and am sure the new additions will be very popular :) Please take a look. They are in the Crown Jewels Collection.

April 29:  NEW CANES!!  The new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection are finished! I am working on photos and expect them to be on the Crown Jewels page tomorrow. Prices of the collection start around $100. They are truly fit for a God or Goddess!

April 2: The new canes in the Crown Jewels Collection are almost finished! They should be on the site in another week or two. I also have a lot of new jewelry for that collection. Canes I am working on: two canes decorated with spectacularly ornate hand made sterling silver and gemstone snakes; a very elegant cane with hand carved mother of pearl and conch flowers (pink and white) with matching stone set in sterling silver and fairy holding a sterling whip; some great new pieces for the limited edition "Scary Monster Faces with Wartenburg Wheels" series, a Butterfly or two, a double cane with a sterling Tiger, maybe a Wolf, canes with various stones and gemstones set in Sterling Silver, etc etc etc.  It is going to be a fantastic selection of canes!! I am excited and can't wait to hear your comments!

March 2:  Yay! March is here! February was crazy. I am working on new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection. I have lots of new silver, lots of new gemstones, and lots of new ideas and inspiration. I think we will like the results. I moved the Crown Jewels design area from my living room floor to a room in my house with a nice new jeweler's workbench. I'm sure the comfortable and nicely organized work space will really help.

February 8: I was not able to complete our Valentines Day canes in time for the holiday.  The 2008 Love Canes will be released in late spring.

January 24: Happy New Year! It was a very busy holiday season and now the Valentines Day rush has begun.  I am working on a very special design for Valentines Day. More about it soon.

November 30: Hello from Black Rose!!  Below is a photo of a cane that I was commissioned to make. It has Sterling silver gleaming against fragrant black goat leather... it is to commemorate Black Rose's 20th anniversary, which is being celebrated this weekend. I am very pleased with the results!

November 6: Below is a photo of the new Twisted Loopy Canes. Individually, they will be sold with black handles. In the set below, they will be available in five different colors. They are proving to be a lot of fun. The can be found, along with more information, on the Royal Pains page of the Canes4pain� website.

I also finished the descriptions of the new Crown Jewels Collection Canes.

November 4:  Above is a photo of the new Canes4pain in the Butt Collection. This eight cane set has four brand new styles of canes --  7mm & 10.5mm Twisted Loopy Canes, and 13mm & 16mm straight canes-- that join Canes4pain.com popular canes- the matching 7mm, 9mm, 10.5mm and 20 Lash Rattan Birch Rod. The set is available in five great colors- Black, Red, Burgundy, our new Royal Blue, and Purple. It is available on the Royal Pains page.

 October 23:  I am working on getting the new canes photographed and put on the website. I have seven new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection, as well as the new sets of canes, new Loopy Canes, Twisted Loopy Canes, etc. I expect it all to be available on the site later today or tomorrow. I hope you like them!
     I just returned from DomCon Atlanta, and hosted my annual Happy Slappy Halloween Play Party. Both were lots of fun :-) Next week, I and the canes will be at Kinky Kollege, a great event in Chicago. Then I will have a few weeks to work at home, and then off to Black Rose. BR registration is still open at  www.brevent.org . DomCon LA is the only event I have scheduled for 2008 so far. I will schedule a few other trips, but do plan to slow down on the travel next year. I want to spend more time at home making new canes.

September 19: It was a wonderful summer. I met a lot of you at events, and even took a little "time off" to take some classes and visit family. I have a lot of new things that will be appearing on the site soon. Longer Loopy Canes that have nice, flexible handles, Twisted Loopies (with twisted handles), a new quality of British School Canes, Willow "Birch" Rods in two sizes, Birch Birch Rods in two sizes, and as always I am open to custom orders. There will be new cane sets coming soon too.

April 15: 
Finally!! I can update the website! I reformatted my hard drive and had an awful time getting my FrontPage program working with this site again.

I was a vendor at DomConLA in Los Angeles last weekend. I had a great time.  It was really great seeing so many cane fans. I am working on finalizing my travel schedule for the summer and fall. It looks like I'll be visiting Tampa, Atlanta, NJ, Washington DC, Boston, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta again, and maybe a few others.

I have two new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection.  One has a working Wartenburg Wheel rising up from a sterling silver monster face. The other Is a sterling silver Goddess figure (nicely detailed!) with flowing hair and dress, surrounded by faceted amethyst gemstones and sterling silver trim. It would be a very nice cane for a Goddess. I hope to get them photographed and on the website within a few days. If you are interested in either, feel free to email me.

February 9: Valentines Day Loopy Canes and some new jewelry are now on the Crown Jewels page. We now accept all  major credit cards. We have added Discover and American Express to those already accepted.


February 4:  The Flaming Hearts Gift Sets are ready! They can be found on the Crown Jewels page of the website. There are only four sets of this limited edition set available. The Valentines Day Loopy Cane will be on the website tomorrow. There will be five Loopy Canes available.

February 3: I expect to have  photos of the  new Valentines Day limited edition canes on  the website  tomorrow.  Flaming Heart is  the name of the set of two   canes (described   below). Beginning  Monday, February 5, our shopping   cart  will  accept Discover and American  Express credit cards, as well as Visa and  MasterCard.

January 20: I am not quite finished with the limited edition Valentines Day works yet, so I thought I'd give some descriptions of what I'm working on. The first is a limited edition cane SET. Matching 9mm and 10.5mm canes in each set, with a sterling silver heart and marquis cut garnet gemstone 'flames' coming out of the top of the heart. With sterling heart trim, of course.  Price for the two cane set will be around $190, and it is limited to only four sets of this design.

The Valentines Day Loopy Cane will have a sterling silver heart with a sterling arrow going through it, a faceted garnet heart, and sterling heart trim. It will be in a gift box with a couple other surprises :) The Loopy Cane edition will be limited to five pieces and will have a price of around $75.

If you would like to pre-order either of these to reserve yours, please email me.. WhypDancer@canes4pain.com

January 12:  Valentines Day items are almost ready. There are some full sized canes, special edition loopy canes in a gift box, and lots of new jewelry. It will all appear on the website very soon.

January 2:  Thank you for your continued support of Canes4pain�. I love supplying you with fun and evil things to warm up your life. 2006 was a fun year, and I am looking forward to 2007.  I am thinking about designs for Valentines Day limited edition canes. Also, some new cane sets, designs for the Royal Pains and Crown Jewels Collections, etc.

If you would like to meet me in person, I will be attending and vending at the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket later this month.

December 12:  It has been busy here. I feel like one of Santa's elves lol  Some notes about shipping: I strongly suggest that all international orders are sent Global Express now. It gives us tracking, and gets to you in 3-5 business days.  There is still time to order and ship domestic US orders by Priority Mail or Express Mail. I'd say after December 19th, domestic orders will need to go by express mail. We should be ok with Priority until then.

I have some more Crown Jewels canes that are almost ready.. those that I didn't quite finish a few weeks ago. They should be on the website by the end of the week. I have a fresh batch of Birch for Birch Rods too :)

November 17: The new Crown Jewels Collection Canes are here! They are now on the Crown Jewels page of the website.  I am very proud of them :-)                                                   

Usually at this time of year, I make a limited edition cane with 5-10 canes of the same design. I decided  not to do that this year, and instead, use my time to work on Crown Jewels Canes of various designs.

 Almost all of them are one of a kind. I think they will be even more cherished by their new owners because of the individuality of each design. I made a full range of styles, from subdued gemstone creations, to some very extravagant flamboyant works.
I hope you are pleased.

November 9: The new canes are almost ready for the Crown Jewels Collection. There will be a huge range of styles. I expect to have them on the website by Monday. Sneak peaks may be available sooner. I've been working very hard, and can't wait to hear your comments on them. Prices for this batch will start around $95.

October 30: Kinky Kollege was a great event, exceptionally well organized and lots of fun :-)
I am home. I am rested. Watch out, tender butts, I'm back to work, making new canes.

I have some new canes ready for the Crown Jewels Collection. Some new jewelry too. One cane is made using an antique (made in 1850-1890) sterling silver handle that was originally on a parasol or umbrella or cane or something like that. It is spectacular. Hopefully someday I will get that good at silver work :-)  

I will be working on Crown Jewels Canes for the next few weeks. If there is a certain stone or design you are looking for, please email and let me know. I sometimes have pieces started or even finished, but delay putting them on the website. Producing canes is so much more enjoyable than updating the website lol  Feel free to inquire.

I spent last week restocking all of the various sizes of School Canes. I had many requests to make Loopy Canes longer, and that is what I did. They are very nice, and will be ready to ship within a day or two. 


September 18, 2006: I am working on new designs for the Crown Jewels collection. I expect them to be ready in about 3-4 weeks. It was a very busy summer, and I am looking forward to the fall and winter seasons :) You can see me and the canes at www.kinkykollege.com in October in Chicago, and www.brevent.org in DC in December.  I am looking forward to spending lots of time here in Florida in the next few months making lots of canes for you.

     I will be starting some new silversmithing classes next week. I spent the summer traveling to vend, and studying the artistry on lots and lots of antique sterling silver objects. I hope to get as good as some of the styles I saw, and would like to incorporate some similar styles into my cane handles. I think you will be pleased with the results.
     Here are a few examples of antique works that I've been studying. The influence of styles like these will be evident in future cane handles.



July  18, 2006:  My darling customers, the Canes4pain�  shopping cart is now working perfectly. It will accept Visa  and Mastercard transactions, and is a secure system.

I am working on restocking 7mm glossy canes. I am  out of them in all 7 colors. Everyone is enjoying those whippy little stingers.

July 17, 2006:    I  just returned from TESfest in New Jersey. It was a great event. I am looking forward to traveling to Shadow Lane, Thunder in the Mountains,   & Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket this summer, and Kinky Kollege and Black Rose in the fall. Please come to my booth and say hello if you are attending any of those events.

I will have a new batch of birch for the Traditional Birch Rods soon. I will be offering a clear coated rattan cane soon.. even  though I can't understand why people are so squeamish about using uncoated rattan canes on multiple partners and they think using leather on multiple partners is ok. But the look is nice..  i do love shiny, sparkly things. For now, if you'd like a cane coated, please request it through email and I will do it for you.


June 7, 2006:  There are several new things around Canes4pain�. I now make a new item.. "wheelies".  A wheelie is a wartenburg wheel with a decorative custom handle, much like the Crown Jewels canes. Each will be numbered in the order I made them, starting with 1, and going to...?  The owners of the couple that I've made so far are delighted with them.

There are some spectacular new canes in the Crown Jewels Collection. I will be working for the next few weeks building more.

My next stops on the "Summer 2006 Tour" are for TESfest and Thunder in the Mountains. Please come see me and the canes at those events, if you can :)

April 21: **NEW**  There is now jewelry in the Crown Jewels collection. Please take a look. Also, the Reviews page was updated with some photos, and more people's opinions of the canes :-)  I am working on Crown Jewels collection canes, and will not be accepting custom orders for a while so I can get them finished.

April 17:
Things have been very busy here lately. I am finishing my silversmithing classes this week (for now, anyway). I have been studying chasing, repousse, and engraving of silver, as well as working on custom canes. Plans for now are to update a few pages of the website. I added a few canes to the Crown Jewels Collection. I will be working on more so I have some to show off on the upcoming Canes4pain� summer tour.

     I will be adding some other new items to the Crown Jewels collection too. Some sterling silver and gemstone necklaces and bracelets.

   This summer, I will be vending at The Orlando Bash, Thunder in the Mountains, TESFest 2006, Shadow Lane, Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket, and am considering a few events in the fall. I look forward to meeting a lot of you on those trips.


January 18: I enrolled in silversmithing classes again so I could learn how to set the gemstones for the Valentines Day Canes. They are finished and ready for you.. please see the Valentines Day 2006 Canes on the Crown Jewels page of the website. They are a very limited edition of only five canes. I think they will sell out quickly.

I will be in Boston for two days next weekend to vend and show off the canes at the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket. This two day trip will not delay shipping on any orders. Please be sure to come see me and the canes if you are in the area!

January 5: Valentines Day, 2006
It's coming. I'm working on some very  limited  edition pretties for Vday. Happy new year, everyone :-)  I hope your 2006  is better than you can  imagine. 

December 27: **New Item**  These new Whangee Canes are for people into Corporal Punishment, S&M, or just hard heavy play.  They are not for the faint of heart. They are beyond nasty, as far as levels of pain go. They give lots of intensity with very little effort. Bottoms, don't buy this as a gift to your top. Don't say I didn't warn you.  No two are alike, and each is very interesting looking.


They have leaf nodes every inch or two, and each has a pronounced bulge lined with nasty little bumpy bits. Nasty nasty nasty.


 December 23: I have something new that I'm very excited about. I got my hands on some of the material that was used in the past to make Whangee Canes. This is some very nasty stuff, and not recommended for people into lighter intensity. Each piece is an individual,  one of a kind. They have bulges and knobbly bits.

December 12:  Evidently, canes are one of THE gifts to give this season. It has been very busy here. I feel like Santa's little elf.. lol  I will continue to accept Custom Orders for a while, since I am still working on the batch of Crown Jewels Canes that I started in October.

I have a fresh batch of Extreme Line Red Birches. ouch ouch ouch. They are on the Multi-Canes page of the website. I have some very exciting new designs that I'm working on-- a "bumblebee  cane" and whangee canes. I will soon be working on a beautiful design for the 2006 Valentines Day canes. This year, they will feature heart shaped, deep purple  faceted amethyst hearts.

Winter Elegance Canes, seen below, will be available for a short time.

Please come see me and the lovely canes in person at the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket in late January.  I hope to meet a lot of you there.

November 17: This year's Limited Edition Holiday Elegance Canes are here, ready to order from the Crown Jewels page of the website. No more than 7 canes with this design will be made. Here is a preview. For more photos, please see Crown Jewels.

November 9:  The winter holiday rush is here at Canes4pain.com . I have been working on several custom canes, as well as this year's beautiful Special Edition Holiday Elegance Canes.

If there is something special you'd like to make your or somebody else's holiday warm and rosy, please request  it now.  This is the time to  request custom canes, to be delivered in time for gift giving.

I have jury duty today, and will be traveling to Tampa this weekend for the Florida Moonshine Academy's  Back to School event.

October 21: I have some new items that debuted during my summer travels. They were very well received, and I hope you like them, too. The Butt Beater (left) and Loopy Canes (center) will appear in the Royal Pains Collection, and canes with soft fragrant suede handles (right) will be in the Specials Collection.


October 18:  Special, Custom Orders and Crown Jewels for the winter holidays:  
 I am beginning a batch of Crown Jewels Canes and am also going shopping for cane decorations. I only make one or two buying trips per year. If there is something you would like me to make for you, this is the ideal time to request it. I plan to have these canes ready in time for people to give or get them as winter holiday gifts.

September 10: I just finished a fresh batch of British School Disciplinary Canes. They can be seen on the Wickedly Traditional page of the website. They are delicious. There is just "something" about fresh rattan, shaped and sanded to a perfect, silky finish.. yummm.. I'm sure you will love them for all of the upcoming Back to School parties :-) Last week was definitely School Cane week here. Lots of them were shipped all over.

August 15: All of the new canes in the Crown Jewels Collection are now on that page of the website. I hope you like them :-) I just finished the descriptions for them today.

I have a fresh batch of Birch for the Traditional Birch Rods (Wickedly Traditional page).

July 29: I and the canes are back from Denver. We were vending at Thunder in the Mountains. What a beautiful vending space.. great hotel, great people, great party :-)  I am running a special on Blue Glossy Handled Canes. A set of three canes (one in each size- 7mm, 9mm, 10.5mm) is available for $60.00. You can get more info on the "Specials" page of the website.

I have several new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection and will be working on putting them on the Crown Jewels page for you to see.

If you are attending the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarkete next weekend, please stop by the Canes4pain.com booth and say hello. :-)

July 13: I and my cane design studio have now moved to a new location in the Fort Myers, Florida area. I now have more room to work :-)  The canes and I are very happy here, and love our new outdoor workspace. It took a long time to get here and get set up, but I am happy to report I am now delightedly working on new cane designs, and restocking birch rods, etc.

Today I updated the Crown Jewels Collection by moving the sold items over to the Cane Gallery page. I did that to make room for the new canes on the Crown Jewels page. They are finished and should be appearing soon. I'm sure you'll like the new designs.

I will be displaying my work and vending next week at Thunder in the Mountains in Denver.  We can be seen in Boston on August 6 at the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket. Both events were a lot of fun last summer. I am very much looking forward to both trips :-)

April 7: I am happily working away on restocking School Canes and Rattan Birch Rods. They will be ready in another day or two. Then I'll be able to work on some new Crown Jewels Canes. I can't wait to get started on them!

I will be a presenter at the Orlando Bash in June. (www.orlandobash.com) My class will be : "Disciplinary Canes: Getting up to Speed"  It will be a class for people new to the stripes and joys of Rattan.

March 14: I've been in bed with the flu for a week. Any orders I was holding to ship will be shipped tomorrow. I didn't want to get germs on your canes, and didn't feel even close to well enough to stand in line at the post office.  Things will be back to normal tomorrow though.

February 8: I have a new cane on the Crown Jewels page. Here is a sneak preview... it is really nice :-)

Things have been VERY busy here lately. Besides looking for a new place to live (in the same area of Florida), I am taking classes in Silversmithing. I now have the ability to really personalize canes with Sterling or Pure Silver. The pure silver can be molded into any shape. I've been having a great time working with my new skills, and have been accepting orders for custom canes that utilize my new talents. I'm really having fun with it, and know many of you will love the results. I am working on a cane with a person's name written in Rubies, set in pure silver, one with someone's initials, and a few others.

Orders are still going out on a daily basis. It is taking me longer to get new designs on the website. If there is something you'd like me to make, or you are curious as to what new Crown Jewels are already made but not yet on the website, feel free to email and ask. The cane shown above has been finished for over a month. I have a few others not on the website too.

January 11: HAPPY NEW YEAR to my dear friends, fans, customers, and cane lovers!!!!  I  hope 2005 brings you much happiness and many scarlet cane stripes :-)  I'll do my best to keep the stripes coming!

I am working on special designs for Valentines Day. I am making two sets. Each set will have two canes in it. One will be designed with Amethyst gemstones, and the other with Garnets. I will also be making canes with Swarovski Crystal hearts. They will all be ready to show off soon :-)

December 23:  Happy Holiday wishes to you!! I hope that your Canes4pain.com canes add a lot of warmth and red stripes to your holiday season! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. It has been a wonderful year here in the cane design studio.

There is just one Jingle Bells Limited Edition Cane available. It can be ordered from the Specials or the Crown Jewels page of the website.

I have a couple of new creations that will be on the Crown Jewels page soon. One has a cluster of 25 faceted Amethyst gemstones set in Sterling Silver, with a handle that is all Sterling Silver and a 2 inch tall Swarovski Crystal Prism at the top.

The other is a goddess figure in Sterling, resting on royal blue beads. She will be holding a  in her arms. She hasn't yet told me which kind of gemstone she'd prefer, though.

December 12:  Gift Certificates are ready!! They have a lovely snowflake design, and can be used to order anything on the Canes4pain.com website. No expiration date. No shipping charges to be mailed first class. Faster shipping will be extra. Denominations are in multiples of $25, beginning with $25.

They have a very upscale look. There is a snowflake design in gray-blue, white, and metallic silver. The snowflakes in the photo that look dark, are actually metallic silver. They are very nice, and would make a great gift.

It has been a VERY busy several weeks at Canes4pain�! Holiday orders have been coming in, fast and furious. We will be shipping until the day before Christmas for Christmas delivery, using Express Mail overnight service. All orders until January are being gift wrapped before shipping.

I have a few new canes finished that will be on the website asap. There is a sterling silver wolf, a cane with a beautiful Tigers Eye stone at the top, a spectacular piece with faceted Amethyst gemstones, and a Goddess-like figure that will be holding a gemstone.. i haven't decided if she wants an opal, sapphire, ruby, or garnet heart though. That's why she is not quite ready. If you'd like her and have a preference, feel free to let me know.


November 25: Happy Thanksgiving, everyone :-)  I really appreciate your support and encouragement throughout the year. It's been great corresponding with and meeting so many of you recently. Have a great Thanksgiving! Today I checked all the payment buttons on the Canes4pain.com website. There were a few that were not working.They should all be in perfect order now.


November 17: Today I added six new canes to the Crown Jewels Collection. Some canes with Sterling Silver Dragons, a Sterling Flower, and Lady Opal are all there for adoption. The gift giving season is here.. I am inundated with orders, and the lines at the post office are much longer than usual.  Jingle Bells Canes, the Canes4pain.com Special Limited Edition Canes are ready.. see below.


November 13:   I am delighted to announce that the Special Limited Edition Jingle Bells Canes for Winter, 2004 are ready!! They are beautiful!!!

The Peppermint Stick Canes were introduced and SOLD OUT at Black Rose, and I only have one Candy Cane Cane left. I will try to make some more, as I catch up on some other things I am working on. Black Rose was great.. lots of canes were adopted to new homes, and I was able to attend a class on Hard Caning.. yumm  :o) 

October 15: Special Edition Canes for winter, 2004... they are almost finished!!! I will be making a maximum of 10 of this Special Edition. I will make five to start, and if I have more orders, will make as many as needed, up to 10 at the most. These are going to be really nice.

Canes4pain� will also be offering "Candy Canes" & "Peppermint Sticks" for the winter holiday season. The Candy Cane canes will look sort of like a red tinsel-striped crook handled school cane. The Peppermint Stick canes are straight canes, with a peppermint stick-like design.  I am sure whoever uses these will find them to be very sweet. I'm not so sure of the recipient. All three winter themed designs will be available in a set, and will also be sold separately.

Speaking of sets and designs coming soon...
I am now offering a Leather Pride Set of canes. It is three glossy handled Canes, wrapped together, with a 2x3 inch laminated Leather Pride Flag. The set consists of a 7mm Red, a 9mm Blue, and a 10.5mm Black handled cane.

     I will also be offering a sets of Wickedly Traditional Canes. The sets will be made from combinations of canes found on the Wickedly Traditional page of the Canes4pain.com website... British School and Singapore Punishment canes.

     There are a couple Sterling Silver Dragon and Swarovski Crystal sets available. Photos will be on the website soon.

   I recently obtained some very nice, soft supple, fragrant leather that is just begging to encase some cane handles. When I first started making canes years ago, i offered leather handles and then stopped. Leather handles will soon be back.

Most of what is mentioned above will be ready and on the website within a week or so. Please watch for the new styles.

September 30: I just returned from vending at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco. It was quite an experience!!  It was a real treat meeting so many of you in person!!! I will be staying in Florida until I leave to vend at Black Rose (www.br.org) during the first week of November.

If anyone would like a little host or hostess gift for the halloween party you are attending next month, I will have a few Halloween themed canes ready soon. These are always somewhat silly canes, with ghosts or ghouls, witches, jack 'o lanterns, etc on them, and are always around $15 each. I've been making them for 4 or 5 years.

I am hoping to be able to introduce this year's very limited edition Christmas Canes at Black Rose next month. I can't wait to see them completed.. they are going to be very beautiful :-)  

Canes4pain.com at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

September 12: I've been very busy working on new canes and birches, and a few other new items that should be ready soon. I am starting to work on this year's Special Edition Canes for the winter holidays. I hope to give you a little sneak preview soon.. the canes are going to be exquisite :)  I was working on the handles today. Wait until you see!! A grouping of faceted garnets will be the main focal point of the cane. Where I autograph each one, there will be holly leaves and berries made of Emeralds and Rubies :-) Or maybe that is mistletoe... I can't wait to finish them and show them off !!! I expect them to be ready by November 1st. 

I found some lovely pale blue crystals for a two cane set of Dragon Canes. I'm going to work on those tomorrow. I've been shopping for cane decorations a lot lately. I have these fantastic Porcupine Quills too. I haven't quite figured out how I want them placed on the canes yet. But I will. Sorry, fellow submissives.. you are probably going to hate them (or love them). 

I also wanted to share some party news with you... Dana Specht, a very skilled and well known disciplinarian, is having a party at an exclusive resort in Carmel Valley, California, from November 5-7. It sounds like a LOT of fun. Check it out!

August 31: I just put some new canes on the Specials and the Crown Jewels pages of the Canes4pain� website. I hope you like them. I am busy arranging my travel schedule for the fall, winter and spring. Canes4pain� will be vending at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco on September 26, Black Rose from November 5-7 in Washington DC, Shadow Lane in Las Vegas from April 15-17. I have also applied to vend at MAL in DC in January and IML in Chicago in May, and I am looking forward to the great Orlando Bash from June 2-5. Please come see me if you are attending any of these events, and say hello :)

The new batch of Extreme Line Red Birches (known in my dungeon as "rattle bitches" because of the sound and feel of them). They are available on the Multi-Canes page. I now have the shopping cart finished on the whole website. It took me quite a while to figure out how to complete it for the Royal Pains page of the website. It is connected to a secure server, so your credit card information will not be visible to anyone, including me. I only get your name, address, and shipping address.

August 9:
Hello from Connecticut. The canes and I are on our way home to Florida :) We've been gone for a month. I can't wait to get home and work on the new Crown Jewels and Birch Rods. My stock on Birch Rods is getting low.

Here is a photo of my new item-- Real Birch Rods. These will reside on the Multi-Canes, and Wickedly Traditional pages until they are gone. They will only be available for a short time. I will not carry them as part of my regular line. The birch branches were harvested at the perfect time.. early spring, before they sprout leaves. These have a VERY sharp sting and can be used anywhere on the body because they do not penetrate deeply. You will only get surface/skin damage even if you use them hard. But boy, do they sting! ::wince:: 

These Birch Rods will be available with the purchase of anything else on the Canes4pain.com website, as a thank you to my fans. They will not be sold separately. Please see them on the Wickedly Traditional or the Multi-Canes page to order.

July 29: I will be vending this weekend in Chicago at the 10th Anniversary Party for Crimson Moon, and next weekend at the Boston Fetish Fair Fleamarket (August 7). This is not affecting shipping of orders from the website. I have all of my canes with me and am still shipping the day I receive orders. Everybody really seems to like the new shopping cart and the ability to pay easily by Mastercard and Visa on the Canes4pain.com website :-)

July 3:
Goodness, it's been a busy week at Canes4pain�! The shopping cart is working well.

I've been working on some new canes for the Crown Jewels Collection :)  There is one that has a large sterling silver rose at the top, and the entire handle is braided sterling silver, with no rattan showing through! It has green leaves made of malachite. It is quite a piece. I'm not sure I want to sell it. I think might just keep it around for inspiration and for people to drool over when I'm vending. Not sure yet. Stay tuned.

I am also working on some spectacular canes with sterling silver dragons on them. Each of the 3 larger canes I am working on, has a large Swarovski Crystal at the top and lots of sterling trim. I am considering making one or more of them into a cane set because I've obtained some smaller, matching dragons and crystals. I guarantee that all of the new additions to the Crown Jewels Canes will be really nice.

June 29: After slaving away 15 hours a day for about a week, I have the whole Canes4pain.com website rebuilt. I got rid of the frames, and added a shopping cart and couple new pages. My credit card processing is working. I can now accept payment from my customers around the world via MasterCard and Visa! The shopping cart is finished on the whole canes website, except the Royal Pains page. That page is being a Royal Pain lol If you want to order from that page, please email me and I can enter your payment information manually. I will still accept money orders too. Now.. to get back to work on canes!!!  Finally!!!

I finally solidified my decision to vend at Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in late September. The cost and logistics of that event were so mind boggling I had trouble deciding. I have committed my time and energy to it by plunking down the vending fees, etc. I haven't been to San Francisco since 1978. I loved it and seriously considered moving there permanently at the time. What a beautiful area. I'm really looking forward to it now :-)

June 23: I am building a shopping cart for your shopping convenience.

June 18:  I will soon be able to accept credit cards easily without you going through a company such as paypal, etc.

June 15: I have a new item that is not yet on the website. I now have Birch Rods made from birch branches! They have a very intense, sharp sting! When we tested the prototype, I just wanted to hide my butt on the far side of the spanking bench after just a few moderate swats!  I can't wait to hear your comments on these!! LOL  They were harvested at the perfect time of the year, just as the buds were forming in the spring. This makes them very flexible. Two were tested on me last week.. one that was previously soaked, and the other was dry. They both held up very well... we can't say the same for me. Damn, they sting!!! I will get them on the website within the next few days. I need to unpack my camera, etc first.

 The new Birch Rods will be introduced at a very low price. These are not permanent toys, but can be expected to last a year or two. If soaked the night before use, they will last a long time, according to accounts I've read. Because of this and the fact that Birch is not readily available here in South Florida, these will not have the lifetime guarantee that all of my other work has. I think you'll find that their low price more than makes up for that, though :) I'm sure you will love or hate them very much, depending on which side of the handle you are on.

Today I returned home from SE Leather Fest in Atlanta. It was a lot of fun! People kept coming to my vending booth, seeing the name (Canes4pain�), and exclaiming, "wow, Canes4pain�!!!! I've felt your work!!!"  While rubbing their butts. lol It was funny and great to meet so many fans at once! The weekend before, I attended the Orlando Bash. I love the Bash! It is so nice to party with my Florida friends! I've been to three events in the last four weeks and they were all really fun. I've been itching to make some new canes, though, and I can't while on the road.  lol  I am finally home for a few weeks. My next trip is July 15th weekend- Thunder in the Mountains in Denver. My schedule gets hectic again beginning then.

In the few weeks that I'm home, I am going to restock my Rattan Birch Rods~ I am very low on Black & Blue Birches and out of Extreme Line & Standard Birches. Then I will be working on new Crown Jewels Canes.

Here is where I'll be the rest of the summer:
Please come say hello if you attend any of these events...
I WILL be shipping new orders during my travels.

Thunder In The Mountains, Denver- July 16-18

July 20-28- **Shopping for Cane Decorations & visiting family**  If there is a custom design you'd like, please request it asap so I can shop for it on this trip

Crimson Moon, 10th Anniversary Celebration "Hot Fun in the Summertime" near Chicago- July 29-31
Shadow Lane, "Back to College Party", Palm Springs CA- August 13-16

June 2:
TESfest 2004 last weekend was a blast. It was great meeting many of you. It was really fun being in NY city :-)

May 5:  I've been working my tail off to build stock so I have enough canes for Canes4pain.com website orders, as well as my summer tour which begins very soon.  I was recently dumped by the popular online payment company that most people used to pay for their canes. They said I sell adult items! Ugh. I am currently investigating credit card processing companies to give you a new, quick easy method of payment.

Canes4pain.com is going on the road this summer! Please come see me-- say hello and try on some canes! I hope to meet many of you in person during my travels!!!

Details of my summer tour:
TESFest 2004 in New York City May 21-23
Orlando Bash in Orlando June 3-6
Southeast Leather Fest in Atlanta, June 11-13
Thunder in the Mountains in Denver July 16-18
I am also considering a few other weekend-long events. If you would like info on any of them, click on their name to view their website.

I have a nice fresh batch of Glossy Canes (Royal Pains collection). They are available in Black, Red, Blue, Purple, Burgundy, Hunter Green, and now Silver. I am experimenting with metallic finishes. The shades of blue and purple for these canes has been adjusted to give a slightly darker, deeper, more saturated color than we had before. I am very pleased with them.

I am currently only making Ballsy Canes in the 9mm 5/16" size, instead of 3/8" and 1/4". Singapore Punishment Canes have been selling like crazy in the last couple weeks.

I have been working on the new batch of Crown Jewels Collection Canes. There is a new batch of Grand Dukes finished. Those are the one inch thick & thuddy canes.

April 8:  The Shadow Lane Party in Las Vegas was a blast!! Imagine 400 spanking enthusiasts all in the Stardust Hotel on the strip. We were all reserved on four floors in the same area of the hotel, and you could hear sounds of slapping and giggling all over the place when you walked down the halls.

The photo above shows me and the canes for sale at the Shadow Lane party in Las Vegas in April.  The canes were for sale, not me. Below is the lovely Ms Stephanie Locke using Canes4pain.com canes on a naughty boy during the banquet at the Shadow Lane Las Vegas Party.


Ms Dana Specht was delighted with her new cane with the bright red handle that perfectly matched her outfit. She looked very beautiful with it and said she is going to use it in her next movie. You can click on either woman's name to veiw their website. Both are incredible women. It was a joy meeting and speaking to them. One even had time to play "cane the canemaker" with me  LOL What fun!!! It was a great weekend!

February 12: My new silver is here :-) I can't wait to decorate new canes with it!! I just finished a new batch of Extreme Line Red Birch Rods. Mine was used on me last week.. ::adjusting halo::  I think they should be called BITCHES instead of birches.  The Garnet Tears of Love Canes that were made for Valentines Day are sold out. I still have a couple of the Purple Crystal Heart canes, if  you'd like one. They can be seen on the Crown Jewels Collection page.

January 19: I am very pleased to announce that the Valentines Day canes are ready. Photos will be on the website Wednesday, Jan 21, probably.  It took months for me to figure out the final designs for these. They are very beautiful!

There are two designs. One is a limited edition of 10 pieces and the other is a limited edition of five.  The design with 10 pieces features a purple (with royal blue accents) Swarovski Heart crystal set atop Sterling Silver. There are a lot of silver accents on this piece, as well as a smaller diamond-like faceted heart shaped cubic zirconia, that sits atop the word "love".

The design with five pieces features blood red-colored garnets set in sterling silver, and winding up the handle between two sterling silver stripes. These also have the faceted cubic zirconia heart accenting the word "love". Both pieces have a lot of Sterling (92.5% pure) and Fine (99% pure) Silver on them.

These descriptions are very quick and simple. The designs of these pieces are very intricate and beautiful. I've left out a lot of details. Please check back on Thursday Jan 22nd to see the photos of them.  All are signed and numbered, and will be ready to ship beginning January 23.

September 5, 2003- I just returned from vending at the Shadow Lane party in Palm Springs, CA. It was great meeting everybody there. The party and the people were great!

Im000678.jpg (37951 bytes)

This photo shows me and part of the Canes4pain.com vending table at the party. I was bending over so someone could try out their new cane. The canes in the photo are available on the Royal Pains (in the butt) page.

Im000662.jpg (130468 bytes)

There are also some canes with red stones and royal blue stones for the Royal Pains page. There is a lot to update, so if you are getting impatient and want something *now*   please email me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com and we can discuss your needs.  

whyp&ian.jpg (23231 bytes)

Me and a 1/4" stingy nasty cane and Ian, from The London Tanner at Shadow Lane. His great leatherwork can be seen at www.thelondontanners.com


Questions? Contact me at WhypDancer@canes4pain.com

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